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chad 07-23-2004 10:34 AM

The FL team is getting ready!
Tim and I have been working over the last couple of weeks to organize a FL team

Plans are for an October 1-2 debut with a followup in November at a KCBS cookoff.

We're working on some ideas to promote our team and the connection with the Brethren.

I apologize for jumping the gun on the pictures and thus letting this thread get hijacked.

parrothead 07-23-2004 10:58 AM

Let's see the thong

Jorge 07-23-2004 11:09 AM

I confess my hijack sin!

chad 07-23-2004 11:15 AM

Sorry, didn't intend to add fodder for the hijack machine.

PitPirate 07-23-2004 11:27 AM

Our Band printed our faces on the INSIDE of ladies panties one time.
It was great and chick loved them.




Solidkick 07-26-2004 05:01 PM

Good luck DF, I know you and Tim will do great!

chad 07-26-2004 06:38 PM


We're working on checklists, etc. at this time. I'm "practicing" with different cook times, seasonings, etc.

We're going in as low budget as we can -- no new cookers, etc. But with the Studabaker Bandera, my horizontal, ECB, and grill we should be able to get things done.

Already have a portable cookstove and such so outside of collecting some cleaning tubs and supplies between now and October we should be doing ok. We've already got blenders, food processors, etc. and we'll have at least one of our RVs there as support vehicle.

Anne and I are doing a judges class and new team seminar over the Labor Day weekend sponsored by the FL BBQ Association (FBA). We also get to judge the Fun Fest cookoff so we'll get certified that same weekend. Ought to come away with quite a bit of info from the seminar and judges training. Also, this is s Fun cookoff with no team of the year points at risk but all the "big" teams from FL will be there since it's also the annual association business meeting.

That should set us up for the October cookoff -- we'll see, won't we? :D
Matter of fact I've got a batch of chicken thighs on the NB horizontal right now -- cooking them for a staff meeting/lunch tomorrow.

I think we're going to have a pretty nice presence when we finally "go public" -- hope so!! I want this to work real bad!!

parrothead 07-26-2004 07:42 PM


hope so!! I want this to work real bad!!
It will, brother!!!!!

willkat98 07-26-2004 08:29 PM

Good luck Kapn and DF Little!!!

racer_81 07-26-2004 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by DFLittle
Sorry, didn't intend to add fodder for the hijack machine.

Bummer....that thong picture was a riot!!!!

parrothead 07-27-2004 06:20 AM

You guys should just call yourselfs kapnDFL

kcquer 07-27-2004 08:44 AM

David and Tim, Gonna share a couple bits of advice I got from some good friends recently.

1-Relax, smile and breathe...
2-Kick Ass!! :D

:wink: I have no doubt you guys will do great! :wink:

PitPirate 07-27-2004 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by DFLittle

We're working on checklists, etc.

Hey I sent you a competition checklist link in a PM.

peace and good luck

chad 07-27-2004 03:47 PM


Hey I sent you a competition checklist link in a PM.
Got it, thanks for covering our backs! :D

The_Kapn 07-27-2004 04:01 PM

Well, Shucks. The cat is out of the bag!

I was hoping for the ability to "slink quietly into the night" if things went too far South at Mulberry :oops:
DF fixed that right up.
All I bring to the table on this venture is my obsession with temp control and quality smoke, produced by quality wood.

And, Brothers, I learned all of that right here! Thank You!!!!!!

DF be the master chef here--I just say "yes sir" and hit the temp he wants with "clear blue" from the OAK woodpile!
Oh yeah, I can wash dishes if my "Pit Bitch" duties allow me to be distracted for a few minutes. Just gotta be real careful with my focus here :lol:
I'm a simple kind of guy! But, that just may be the ticket- time will tell.

I just gotta figure out the "staying awake from Midnight to Turn-In part".
XM Radio and adreleline may do the trick.
Can always sleep another day!

Anyway, the pressure is really on now--don't want to embarrass the Brethren (or DF or me):D
Yeah, I am breathing slowly (sometimes). But, it sure is hard not to be pumped!

And to think that in Feb of this year, I was just "pondering" a smoker and trying to pick the right one.
The Bandera (now the StudeDera) and I have come light years in so little time :lol:

Thanks, Dudes and DudeEttes

ps--my thanks to TK for the expanation of "Pit Bitch" in his 1000th post. He is the ruling National Brethren "Pit Bitch". I just claim the Southern Regional Title unless I screw it up royally! Thanks, TK

pss--Anyone know how to slow down DF? Hell, he is calculating mileage to Memphis (501.1 from here-but who is counting). Gotta love the guy!!!!! Wild ride coming!

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