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Vince B 12-14-2009 12:27 PM

Brisket cook Side box smoker questions?
Today I am planning on making a brisket using a side box smoker. My question is fat side up or down or flip? Normally I use a wsm but I am visiting my parents and will be using an Oklahoma Joe's smoker. It does have a baffle on the lower grate to direct the heat some. I was thinking about fat side up for 3 hours and then fat side down until it reaches 170*. Then I was going to attempt my first try at the Texas crutch! Cook until 190* and then toss back on to tighten back up the bark. What are your thoughts on this cook and I will be doing a high heat I believe.

Also my Wolfe rub recipe calls for Turbinado sugar which I can not find here where I am staying. Any ideas on what I can substitute for it?
Here is the picture of the smoker we are using today.
Thank you in advance. Vince

Westexbbq 12-14-2009 02:19 PM

Up or down is the debate for decades but a lot depends on the cooker; I go fat down on my stickburner since I know the hot spots etc. but every now and then do one fat up just for old times sake.
Not sure about the Texas crunch but some folks refer to the use of foil as a "crutch".
Again, that is purely a preference thing with diametric schools of thought.
Lots of good threads that have popped up recently re the hot and fast method which might be worth a look for your purposes.
Turninado is also known as sugar in the raw but if you can't find any, try using brown sugar.
And that's all I have to say about that.

Vince B 12-14-2009 05:39 PM

Edit the above post to Texas crutch! I knew it had a nick name. My bad.:-P

I did figure out that the raw sugar was the same thing from doing a google search for substitutions. I changed my mind on the fat up or down. I did 1 hr 10 min and then flipped it. I figured with doing a high heat it would have to be foiled way before I had originally planned to flip. Also the probe in the lid seems to read a bit lower than my E73 at the grate. With that being said I'm sure the bottom is hotter.

I started the brisket at 2:15 and the temps have been over 300* since about a half hour after the start. Current brisket temp is 143* after 2hrs15min. Thanks for the reply. Vince

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