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barbefunkoramaque 11-21-2009 03:10 PM

Popdaddys Official Weep and Pig Honey Vid
Heres a snippet from my big ribs video

I rushed off a section of it because we were talking about bending, weeping, and pig honey.

A bit of background.

The "weep" method uses high heat (270 is perfect), no foil ever, no panning, keeps the sinew on, no sugar in the rub, no mops, no glazes typically, no spritzes, no braising just rub, place in the smoker (sometimes up or down and sometimes flipped) and cooked at high temps until the ribs begin to release a juice called pig honey. When there is so much of this honey being released that they drip and hiss, we make sure the fire is hot and well burned with a good clean bead of coals and simply **** all the dampers, vents and ports suppling air in and smoke out of the smoker.

The ribs ride in this humid, juicy environment and tenderize and juicify.

The ribs are then pulled and eaten. This is essentially a True Texas Style no frills rib. For those that have never seen this, here it is.

deguerre 11-21-2009 03:20 PM

Great vid!:cool:

Westexbbq 11-21-2009 04:28 PM

Nicely done Donnie, as usual.

(I'm pretty sure my phone is still tapped after all these years......)

JediDog 11-21-2009 04:57 PM

Great video there Funk, and thanks for sharing.

Psyco Realm 11-21-2009 07:35 PM

foaming orange liquid and pig honey....this is hilarious.

has anyone been channeling pop daddy lately?

BobF 11-21-2009 08:16 PM

Thanks for the vid.

MilitantSquatter 11-21-2009 08:39 PM

Thanks Donnie... enjoyed it.

leanza 11-21-2009 10:44 PM

Look in the basement for anything disturbed. That is usually a good sign that you need to seal up all apertures. And with all those ribs, you can hold out for at least a week until help comes.

BTW. Fantastic vid. Thanks for helping me learn more. I assume we can see weeping at lower temps as well, correct?

barbefunkoramaque 11-22-2009 08:29 AM

No, You will not see weeping like that at lower temps. Nor will you see it if the rack is in foil simmering in steam and its own juices or juices u add.

This is just another way to do ribs. If you ever seen one of those guys like me that seems to be able to make rustic, barky, juicy tender ribs without all the stuff used to win competitions (remember - competition is judged so much by the cubic inch so every thing you can pack into that small sample is crucial this is the fabled "weep" method in which we use sound and even pit smell to know when we hot those crucial times.

In this method, which I will write on later and include the "official" video, you rub them, dust them, leave the sinew on, pop the bitches in and smoke them hot clean and fast. The most efficient temp to bring the internals up is a house temp of about 270. These are better yet when they are in a Oyler with a nice load of Briskets bathing them in their juices the whole ryde.

Rick's Tropical Delight 11-22-2009 10:49 AM

viva le pig honey! :biggrin:

where are those f-16's out of?

barbefunkoramaque 11-22-2009 01:05 PM

Ellington. A bunch of show-offs that Painted their damn Planes Blue and Yellow and fly way to damn close to one another if you ask me. Where do they get off painting their planes anything but what the Navy says to paint them?

deguerre 11-22-2009 01:21 PM


Originally Posted by Rick's Tropical Delight (Post 1092556)
viva le pig honey! :biggrin:

where are those f-16's out of?

Aren't those FA18s?

Jay Bird 11-22-2009 01:52 PM

Thanks for the vid. Lived in Dickinson about 30 years ago (still consider myslf a Texan) & would get some of that style of ribs at Preacher Williams BQ.

jetfxr27 11-22-2009 01:55 PM

My Fatty weeped this morning,

Rick's Tropical Delight 11-22-2009 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by deguerre (Post 1092687)
Aren't those FA18s?

i reckon they are. :biggrin:

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