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kparrish 12-08-2003 08:13 PM

I feel the need….. The need for Q!

I need some Q, but I am not a master of the Bandera. In the freezer I have a beef brisket, a pork butt, a turkey, 2 chickens and a pork loin. What should I Q?


BBQchef33 12-08-2003 08:28 PM

Go for the Butt and the chickens. Most forgiving for great results.

Figure the butt for 75minutes/lb. Put slits in it and push some garlic cloves into the slits. Rub it with whatever you want. Let us know if ya want some rub ideas. I have also used TK's Dr. pepper marinade on butts and that was awesome.(the dog like the marinade so much he wore it on his head for a day).

Gook the butts at 225-250. When it gets 2 175, foil it with some apple juice. Return it and bring it ot 195. Take it out and cooler it, or put it in a warm oven(120-140) for anothe hours or 2 or 3.

While thats happening, saute 4-5 onions till almost clear. Add some worsey sauce, cider vinegar, cayenne pepper and a touch of nutmeg to the onions. Put them in a foil dish and put them in the bandera while stuff cooking for a few hours. Add beer as they reduce and the liquid soaks in.

When the butts done, shread it, add it to the onions, mix together and if you can hold out, put the whole tray in the bandera, covered loose with a foil tent. Add some salt & cider vinegar to taste when your ready.

Chickens, about 3 hours, they are hard to wreck . I just rub then with some granulated onion and garlic.. add some herbs to the inside and go. Use the handshake test. When you can shake a leg and it feels like it'll just pull of.. its done.

Mike(Mi) 12-08-2003 08:39 PM


"Gook the butts at 225-250."
__________________________________________________ ______

Phil, I have to disagree with your technique here. I stopped Gooking my butts years ago and have never looked back. 8)

BBQchef33 12-08-2003 08:55 PM

Well mike, ya know that finger that mis typed "Cook"....

I'm holding it up. :twisted:

and keep in mind, if I didnt have these fingers and their uncanny ability to type, we never would have had the "SnotStorm" last year.. Now how much fun was that huh???

kparrish 12-08-2003 09:33 PM

"Gook the butts" ????

Mike(Mi) 12-08-2003 09:45 PM

Its an old New England tradition hardly practiced anymore except by die-hard traditionalists (with talented fingers). :lol:

parrothead 12-08-2003 09:49 PM

I thought it was picked up over in 'Nam.

I need some Q, but I am not a master of the Bandera. In the freezer I have a beef brisket, a pork butt, a turkey, 2 chickens and a pork loin. What should I Q?
Throw it all in. Ain't nothing like cramming that puppy full. I do it all the time. And while you are at it, buy a package of turkey drumsticks.

Mark 12-09-2003 09:01 AM

I too would do it all up. Refreeze the rest. First step iof course s thawing all of that. Assuming that the meat is well-sealed in plastic, you may want to inject marinade into the bags while they are thawing

Bigdog 12-09-2003 11:01 AM


Originally Posted by kparrish
"Gook the butts" ????

This is what you do with Prep. H when your hemorrhoids flare up.

Bill-Chicago 12-09-2003 12:51 PM

Count me in with Greg and Mark.

Fill'er up and make a day of it.

I would also throw everything on at the same time, then as you take **** out, move down your heat shield (rack wrapped 3/4 in foil is the quick shield) to conserve fuel.

At around 240,
Pork loin on low (2 slats above water) rack with butt, will hit 165 in about 3 hours, wrap in foil take to 190 (another hour) out and in the cooler.

So your 4 hours in, check the chickens, and probe your butt (please, stay on topic with that comment) should be 155-165 or so. Wrap it, take it to 190. maybe 2 more hours. In the cooler.

If the chickens werent done at 4 hours, they are done now. Eat the chickens.

Move the brisket down as you take **** out. Move shield down too. Turkey should end up above the brisket by the end. Probe turkey (I'm guessing 14#) at about the 7 hour mark. Leave probe in if possible, cuz she's gonna squirt.

Eat the pork loin, its been 3 hours since you coolered it.

Turkey done in around 8-10 hours depending on temps maintained. Take it out, let it sit.

Shield above brisket now. Oh yeah, spray the **** out of everything as you cook. Every 45 minutes, you crack a beer, you give them a drink of juice too.

After like 12 hours, your **** faced, you got food everywhere, and the briskets done. You slice into it, eat a few pieces, then pass out.

Wake up 2 hours later and are just cognizent enough to throw everything in the fridge, grab the butt from the cooler, pick off a chunk and throw that in the fridge.

Then in the morning, your wife follows the meat tidbits and grease hand prints on the wall (stablizers) to find your sorry ass on the floor, cuz you missed the bed.

This is like a typical Saturday at our house. Best thing about it. You get great leftovers, while your heating the beast for your Sunday ribs :)

Solidkick 12-09-2003 06:04 PM

Dayum, Bill, you spelled that out so well. I really miss cooking. Weather has been bad on my days off from "retail hell" and I'm really having withdrawals. So if no one else appreciated your post, I did. In fact, I can almost smell the smoke.

Grasshopper: Spray them there butts one time for me!

badger 12-09-2003 06:47 PM

Bill, That was farking hillarious! And so detailed as well.

I wish my Saturdays were like that. I need practice, and more beer!


stlmike 12-10-2003 07:11 AM

Quote (At around 240,
Pork loin on low (2 slats above water) rack with butt, will hit 165 in about 3 hours, wrap in foil take to 190 (another hour) out and in the cooler. ) End quote

Do you really cook pork loin to 165*? Doesn't it seem a little dry at that temperature? I cook pork loin to 145* and wrap in foil for a while. All the pink is gone from the center and the meat is very tender at this point. Just my $.02. Like As#&@*&s, everyone has one.
StL Mike

Bill-Chicago 12-10-2003 07:31 AM

My name is Bill, Mike.

*Note, I just re-edited this post like 3 times, so it might not flow correctly. Damn, too much drinky wink last night **

Mike, are we talking a pork loin or tenderloin?

Pork Loin, the roast that is sold in 4# cryovacs, or 8#'s at Costco or tenderloin? I do the tenderloin to 150 just like you, takes about an hour and a half.

So try this method with a pork loin and see if it is some of the moistest (sp) pork you've have (any B2 guys want to attest)

Pork Loin.
Smoke at 220 - 240 until 165* (about 3 or 4 hours) then wrap and conitinue cooking to 190* (another hour or so), then cooler it for about 2-3 hours (will come back to around 155 or so). Be EXTREMELY careful unwrapping, cuz the juice will be spilling out and very hot. Slice. Put knives on the table as a joke. Watch as the people can't get over how soft the loin is.

I never have done a smoke session, without doing at least 1 loin. its like 1.49-1.89 a pound depending on sales.

Damn, now I'm hungry.

brdbbq 12-10-2003 07:31 AM

Pork But yes Loin I still want to do a susage stuffed loin. Bill did a kick ass loin at the bash but don't recall how. Might be in recipe section ?

Yes it's there knock your dick in the dirt good.

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