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Bigmista 10-13-2009 05:33 PM

The Brisket Chronicles - Part III
In Leanza' thread, ( someone asked how you know where to split the flat from the point so I did a little pictorial showing how I trim the brisket so the split is visible.

Here is the fat that needs to be removed:

And on the other side...

And here is the brisket after it's been trimmed...

Let me know if this is helpful.

barbefunkoramaque 10-13-2009 05:42 PM

Oh Jesus Christ. Now that Brisket is Ready for anything but BBQ.

I mean really Neil, next thing you know you and your Hollywood Friends will make a Movie based on the TV series "What's Happening" and have a skinny Rerun. Or Halley Berry in "That's My Momma." Or a Eryka Badu as Mamma in "What's Happening"


Rich Parker 10-13-2009 05:44 PM

Very helpful thanks!

If only Popdadday's info was this clear. :biggrin:

barbefunkoramaque 10-13-2009 05:46 PM

Actually This is Good but I would not have included a Brisket so pretty near the end. I know there's fat under those layers but you can't see. Lately. after the hold overnight in the Holder, I have been noticing theres nothing but liquid left between the layers.

By the way, anyone have a pork Butt so tender the bone crumbles? Am I doing something wrong. I promise to get a video of that crumbling bone this weekend. I am serving up the Carolina Sunday.

Saiko 10-13-2009 06:28 PM

Good info here. Personally, I remove that big hunk of hard fat that is in Neil's first pic. The center fat (the layer between the flat and the point) I don't worry about as much becase it helps act as a guide if I do decide to separate the flat from the point and make burnt ends (and face the wrath of Popdaddy).

barbefunkoramaque 10-13-2009 06:55 PM


Originally Posted by bbqbull (Post 1054695)
Might I suggest that we all take a deep breath here?

I like many other folks are here to learn and share our best tips to for everybody to create the perfect bbq.

I doubt that Neil really wants to make a movie on his brisket.
I had the pleasure of meeting Neil less than 2 weeks ago at the American Royal, pretty sure he is like the rest of us.
That means he is as proud as we all are for producing the best bbq possible.
He just wants to pass along his knowledge and tips as well as you do sir to make things better.

Uh What?

First of all Pookie Bear try reading below my initial post and realize I meant nothing like that. Furthermore, I know Neil too, so I am pretty sure he has not taken offense to my comment which was jokingly directed at "fat." and "health."

Please, try not to make trouble where there is none. I know you think you are trying to help and you typically think I am attacking people but Not Neil.
Attachment 32554
Plus, anyone who DOES know about my videos knows I cut off SUBSTANTIAL amounts of FAT due to it being nasty and also a time waster. Fat = Time

Fat is then shipped of to make lots of this with my extra .89 cents a pound Choice Packers.
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barbefunkoramaque 10-13-2009 06:56 PM

Seiko, I don't know if you can tell but when I start BSing about separating the point and stuff, i also am the one trying to dispose of the evidence (Burnt Ends).

Saiko 10-13-2009 07:35 PM


Originally Posted by barbefunkoramaque (Post 1054760)
Seiko, I don't know if you can tell but when I start BSing about separating the point and stuff, i also am the one trying to dispose of the evidence (Burnt Ends).

Oh I know that Pops. I learned a long time ago that you like to goof around with people in your posts. Trust me, you have been my biggest mentor when it comes to briskets. I know when you are just trying to yank somebody's chain and when you are serious.
Honestly I find it refreshing, you always make threads more interesting. That's why I usually try to throw your name around in a brisket thread so I get you to chirp in. :-D

landarc 10-13-2009 07:36 PM

I think the series by BigMista has been helpful, as has Saiko's and Funk's. Between these 3 fellers, I have enjoyed some good brisket. Since I do not separate the point until it is cooked, and it is pretty easy for me to determine where to separate it at that time, this goes into the future knowledge part of the brain. I do wish I could just buy the points sometimes.

barbefunkoramaque 10-13-2009 07:52 PM

LOL I wish some of you would be with me when I smoke. 1/3 of my damn points get stuck to the expanded steel anyway. thats the big joke about the separation.

landarc 10-13-2009 08:58 PM

Point unsticker, that has to be a good job to have in Texas.

Saiko 10-13-2009 10:10 PM

Hey Neil, thanks for putting these brisket chronicles together, they are very informative. Since you probably smoke more briskets in one week than I do in a year, I have some requests if you ever get bored:

Injected vs non-injected briskets with the same smoking technique.

Bark comparison with different salt ratios in the rub.

Low-n-slow vs Low-n-slow / High Heat combo vs pure High Heat

Wrapping vs unwrapped

Short rest (30 min) vs long rest (2 hours plus).

That should keep you busy :-D

Thanks again for these posts!

landarc 10-13-2009 10:13 PM

I second the suggestions of injected/non-injected and short rest/long rest as good tests.

leanza 10-13-2009 10:37 PM

Funk, keep it coming bro. bbqbull, thanks for looking after the Brethren. I appreciate your love for this Forum.

Neil, I still haven't figured out why I need to separate the two. I keep thinking when I cook the whole sucker, I want to finish it that way. I guess it's about cutting it up after the cook. Burnt ends is burnt ends. Thanks for the demo.

Bigmista 10-14-2009 01:20 AM

I separate because some of my customers ask for only lean brisket and others ask for the fat-end (some call it the booty end). Also in competitions, I cook the whole brisket but I only turn in slices from the flat because it looks better.

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