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BBQchef33 10-16-2003 01:45 PM

This is gonna be rough. Change is good???

It's very challenging effort to satisfy everyone when running a website. I am trying to make this a great place for members to be able to have fun, be candid with one another, hang out, enjoy ourselves, AND at the same time be able to retrieve valuable information when we need to. Thats why we have multiple discussion areas, links and recipe sections. We should use the tools we have available to us. Our board is member built, all information comes from US. Dont just wait for the next guy to put up a great link or good recipe!

Please do your best to keep "Qtalk" our primary knowledge base. "Reflections and discussion" forum a place with respect for life events and "Woodpile", "Jokes", "Bashes", etc is our playground to have fun, banter, joke and keep in touch. The specialized forums (For sale, Announcents, etc) should just be used when required.

What prompted this? In conversation with longtime members, a topic has come up repeatedly regarding Hijacking threads and OT in Qtalk. This can be somewhat subjective, but we do have some obvious quideline we can follow. Personally, i think some of the nonsense stuff will also fall under this catagory. I am guilty of sabertooth tiger burgers :oops: , and I dare Bill to put coffee grounds in his waterpan.:twisted: We both will be more aware of our own rules.

We have an entire board to mess around in, I would like "Qtalk" and "Reflections" to remain the one place a member can go to for viable worthwild information without wading thru nonsense. Although some of the stuff is funny, in both content and delivery(IE, Ronco Rotiserre), sometimes it leads to a complete hijack, or utter chaos in the thread. We are going against our own guidelines for Qtalk. Cracking a joke in a thread is one thing, THATS FINE, but when that joke derails the thread and leads it away from its intent, this becomes frustrating to a member trying to get information. (ie Wheel mod). If the thread is in Woodpile.. NO HOLDS BARRED, BE AWARE.. IT MAY MAKE IT TO NEPTUNE.!!! "Qtalk", however, was implemenetd as a place for QUALITY ON TOPIC DISCUSSION. Quality being the Key word and I see that being somewhat ignored.

An active longtime member has made a recommendation that I like. He is a member in another forum that has anonymous ID called "Janitor." This Janitor will always be anonymous, except for 2 people, himself, and the person he got it from. The passwords are changed and kept private except for the janitor himself. You may hand off janitorial responsibility to anyone at any time. It is the janitors responsibility to moderate topic, posts and flame wars. Any action the janitor takes is bluntly stated in his posts. IE, "I have moved this because............ ". He is anonymous, so there will be no hard feelings. If the Janitor see something misplaced, he will move it to the appropiate forum, if a thread gets hijacked, the janitor will either split it, or modetrate it back on track. Inappropiate posts and flame wars will be stopped short. The decision to moderate a thread is somewhat subjective, so we must adhere to the obvious misplacments. If its a greyzone, the janitor will either send a note to the member, or leave it alone. Of course the site moderators will retain there abilities to moderate, which we have been neglecting... BTW.

This will ONLY pertain to QTALK and Reflections and see how it works out. The first Janitor is the person who came up with the Idea.

Members who have been around for awhile will remember, this is near the time of year that the "Tripe Gripe" manifested itself. We now have a place for all our conversations and banter. I am truly trying to satisfy everyone, and I hope this does not interupt anyones enjoyment of the site. We are going into the winter where things normally slow down. I would expect this to be the time Woodpile picks up and Qtalk may become a little slow. This is how we keep in touch and what makes us stand out from other internet groups.

Opinions welcome. Unless someone can come up with some better ideas, I am going to implement this right away. As soon as our Janitor decides to create his ID...( Hint. ). So guys, lets do what we can to make our site better.!!

BBQchef33 10-16-2003 02:57 PM

wont happen. Janitor responsibility will be handed off from one member to another among themselves, and under mutuial agreement. If Bill, Myself or Brian sees unfair treatment we will step in.

chathorne 10-16-2003 04:08 PM

i like it !!

i'm one of the ones lookin for some good newbie info
of course i do like ths BS but i guess we could keep it confined to the appropiate areas

hell guys i love it i'm just ridin this train you guys are drivin
that may be what most of the lurkers are doin as well

some of these post have 60 views and only 2 post they might think that it's gonna run it's course with or without their contributions ?

you guys are great i'm here for the long runn

BBQchef33 10-16-2003 04:11 PM

See that!!! Its nice to hear that we do stuff right occasionally. Trying to build a community.. but DAMN we got lots of peoples who just like to peek in the windows.

Thanks for the Kudos... if thats what they are!!


chathorne 10-16-2003 04:18 PM

;) ;)

david 10-17-2003 12:51 PM

Who needs a plunger mod?

Wayne 10-19-2003 12:37 PM

I don't have a monitor. I'm on a laptop.

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