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Kfurstenau 04-02-2009 10:47 AM

Double Barrel Smoker
I am in the process of building a double barrel smoker to replace my old Brinkman horizontal unit. I have found directions on the net but doesn't cover all of it. I will be using the vogelzang barrel stove kits. So I will have two 6" pipes between the barrels with a damper on each one. For the exhast I want to use two pipes. One coming out of each side. Is 3" big enough or do I need to use two 4" pipes instead. Also do I need a damper in each one of these pipes also? I was also thinking of using rain caps (like on a tractor) on the top of the pipes. Has anyone ever used these? Will they work or block the smoke.



SoEzzy 04-02-2009 01:33 PM

Are you using these?

I'd go with a bigger exhaust if you have it and here's my reasoning, if you have a bigger exhaust with a damper you can part close the damper to restrict the flow, if you have a smaller size you're stuck, and you can't open it out any more if you need more flow!

If you have damper on either the exhausts or on both of the feeder pipes, you can close down the fire, smother the coals and come back to the pit the next time and relight the charcoal that survived being snuffed out, if you don't have dampers in either the exhausts or the feeder pipes, you don't get the chance to smother the coals and you just have to let it burn out every time you use it, this can be quite wasteful depending on how much you are going to use it, and how accurately you learn to fuel it for it's cooking load.

The rain caps don't block the smoke and they are a good idea to help slow the flow of water into the pit when it rains.

Good luck take pictures.

Just a note about exhaust placement, on the plans above you can see the exhausts are below the grate level in the cooking chamber, this gives you much better burn characteristics, and allows the cooking chamber to function as intended.

If you put the exhausts at the top of the barrel it just doesn't work as well as it could, so look, think, the cut the holes, if you put them in the wrong place, either get another barrel and start the cooking chamber again, or replumb the exhaust inside the cooking chamber to the right depth to make it work.

Countryhb 04-02-2009 02:03 PM

I've built the Double Barrel. I went with 1 6" exhaust in the center of the top. I did not put a damper on it and never needed one. It taught me to control my fire. YMMV.
Feel free to PM me with any questions. I've got some things that I'd definitely change if I built another one.

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