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cmcadams 09-24-2007 03:26 PM

Biscuits and Gravy, plus (lots of pics)
Yes, this is q talk... it's Sausage gravy made with a fatty! Sausage gravy just found out what it's going to be when it grows up... Fatty gravy!

Biscuits are great, and really simple, and much better than canned... recipe at

If you haven't made either... do it this weekend! There's more info on my blog, but here are most of the pics.

You start by making a non-seasoned fatty from country sausage, then:

And the biscuits:

And the results:

VGuilford 09-24-2007 03:30 PM

All I gotta say is Wow. :eusa_clap

SmokyOkie 09-24-2007 03:33 PM

What time should I be there Sunday morning?:redface:

backyardchef 09-24-2007 03:34 PM

That looks great, Curt! Nice job....

I really love the 'step-by-step' pictures. Wish I had the planning and patience to do that kind of thing. You're a good teacher.

cmcadams 09-24-2007 03:37 PM

Thanks, Matt... now if I can only get more on the cook's kitchen! (working on it this week, I promise).

Tim, breakfast was yesterday. :)

And my wife thinks I'm nuts, having lights set up in the kitchen, working around a tripod, etc... But I think the photos are getting better. Now I just need a better camera!!!

vr6Cop 09-24-2007 03:38 PM

Phatay Gravay! Awesome! :biggrin:

Ron_L 09-24-2007 03:42 PM

I just have on thing to say, Curt...



That looks soooo good! Did you add any additional fat to the fatty in the pan? How about a thickener or some sort? flour? and did you use whole milk?

I happen to have a raw fatty in the fridge and I am going to fire up the Performer for some pork chops this evening. I think I can find room for a fatty in the kettle :rolleyes: It won't be the same as in the smoker but I'll bet it will still be pretty good.

cmcadams 09-24-2007 03:47 PM

Ron, I didn't add more fat; it didn't need it, in my opinion. I like that there wasn't too much grease, but enough to get the flour browned and not stick in the skillet.

I used whole milk... It's rich enough without being half and half, though that would be very good, or a mix of the two. The recipe's on my blog, but I did use flour, about 2-3 tbsp. you can add a bit of sage, too, though I like the smoke to shine through a bit more; the sage competes a bit.

the biscuits are very simple, and so much better than store-bought.

LMAJ 09-24-2007 03:48 PM

Curt, I have always wondered about using a fattie for making gravy - one question - is there enough fat left to render out from the fattie to make a good roux?
Thanks - L-M

Ron - you and I are thinking along the same lines....
Curt - saw your answe to Ron - Thanks

SmokyOkie 09-24-2007 03:49 PM

Hey Curt, do you have any step by steps for tomato pie instruction?

cmcadams 09-24-2007 03:55 PM

I think I do on my blog...

Papa Hogg 09-24-2007 04:08 PM

NICE...Drooling mod

Greendriver 09-24-2007 04:19 PM

plenty bbq enough for me and it wouldn't matter if it wasn't, I'd still like to have a plate or three.

Pork Chop 09-24-2007 05:01 PM

Yum Yum I might toss a egg or two on top and call it a day.

cmcadams 09-24-2007 05:14 PM

LM, there's enough fat for me... Not a lot, but enough to not stick and to soak up the flour when it's browning.

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