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Rub-A-Dub 08-27-2007 09:13 PM

Water pan
Tried the search and could not find this. I ahve an ECB SnP with the firebox on the left. Where do u put the water pan? I tried the firebox but it just boils away and right under the meat and it looks like the water never evaportates. What am I doing wrong?:confused:

Single Fin Smoker 08-27-2007 11:21 PM

What type of ecb do you have? Any pics of it?

Rub-A-Dub 08-28-2007 12:04 AM

It is a Smoke-N-Pit

JamesB 08-28-2007 12:21 AM

Back in my Smoke-n-Pit days, I would place a pan of water on the grate, right next to the firebox... Yes it will evaporate, just refill it...


nthole 08-28-2007 12:22 AM

Rub, I'd be much less worried about the water not seeming to evaporate than it boiling right out. I'd put your water pan pretty much square in the middle of the smoking pit, maybe a tad left towards the firebox. Since I don't see a water pan on the assembly instructions from Brinkmann on the pit I'm assuming this is just a pan you've added.

The sole purpose of the water pan is pretty much to hold the temps constant by absorbing spikes and releasing heat into the chamber when you need to open it. The steam isn't really what's keeping the meat moist, thats the lovely boiling fat in your meat.

Many have even converted over to sand instead of using water as sand is a very stable heat sink and doesn't need to be refilled.

Good luck to ya.

Rub-A-Dub 08-28-2007 12:53 AM

Thank you guys for the info. My try the sand thing to see if it works.

Mark 08-28-2007 10:04 AM

Real men fill their water pans with high density concrete.

BBQchef33 08-28-2007 11:36 AM

hey.. your mixing apples and oranges here. I thought the smoke N pit was an offset.

If so, the water pan is used to temper down the hotspot next to the firebox, and baffle the heat further out.. Like james and nt said, put it on the grate in the smoke chamber right next to the opening to the firebox.

Rub-A-Dub 08-28-2007 05:12 PM

Ok will do BBQchef33 Vons has 10 lbs of rib for $10 right now going to stock up for pratice for the comp in January.

txschutte 08-28-2007 09:27 PM

Have heard of using bricks but not sand.

Sawdustguy 08-29-2007 03:29 AM


Originally Posted by txschutte (Post 452383)
Have heard of using bricks but not sand.

Sand will act as a very good thermal mass which will absord much heat.

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