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woodpelletsmoker 04-06-2014 08:15 AM

Starter/Accelerator For Wood Burning Smokers
Consits of 10 CFM fan, AC/DC adapter which can hand tune speed of fan, universal fan adapter for Offset, Vertican cabinet, UDS, WSM, Ceramic pits
You can start a smoker by a piece of paper and match. You can also maintain temp. by tune speed of fan.And You can bring temp. to target very fast
the thread size is 3/4" inch. Size of flange is 81x50mm,which can be used by BGE directly
For different size of air inlet, you can cut the flange by scissors.

Ex-Works $29.90, Air mail cost $9.90, total $39.80

Promotional price to ID's here total $20

If you have interest to buy, please follow this post and I will PM you payment method.

woodpelletsmoker 04-06-2014 08:45 AM

WSM is made in China. But I never have a WSM myself.
My question: how big is the size of small hole of air inlet.
Can the 3/4" thread be inserted into it.

woodpelletsmoker 04-06-2014 11:00 AM

Now you can Forget Venturi Type Cold Smoke Generator
Venturi type design is nothing but to introduce extra fresh air to cool down temperature of smoke.
Now you can build a cold smoke generator by using two fans.
One is for burning wood, the other just blows fresh air into smoking cabinet.
Just find a metal pipe, fill it with saw dust, blow from one side, the other side is inserted into smoking cabinet. Then it is smoking generator
In your WSM, just put a can on top of one air inlet, fill the can with saw dust. Then it is a smoke generator. Insert second fan to another air inlet, it simply blows fresh air to WSM to lower the temp. It is easy to do it in UDS too.

woodpelletsmoker 04-06-2014 11:09 AM

BGE accelerator uses 8 batteries.
If you want to use battery too, you can buy battery from eBay.
12 VDC 2400 ma.h Li-ion battery is around $10, charger is around $5.
If you want to use battery other than AC/DC adapter, I can send you free connector to fan.

woodpelletsmoker 04-06-2014 08:30 PM

It is indeed more a power draft, fan speed adjustable by hands

woodpelletsmoker 04-06-2014 09:45 PM

ID's here can buy this system @ $20, free air mail.
If you have interest, please follow this post, and I will give you my paypal account.
If you do not want to leave your ID here, you can buy from my eBay store directly But you need to pay full price of $39.80

pixcolor 04-06-2014 10:30 PM

I would like to order one. Tell me what to do.

Amigatec 04-08-2014 05:23 AM

I want one as well. I think I can adapt it to my cold smoke generator.

pixcolor 04-08-2014 12:53 PM

Has anybody used any of these controllers with an Akorn Kamado? I believe it has a very narrow opening and I want to know if there is an adapter to ft. Thanks

woodpelletsmoker 04-08-2014 06:48 PM

The diameter of thread is 20 mm or a little bit bigger than 3/4" inch.
I send you a flange of 81x50mm, which is a 0.5 mm metal sheet.
You can cut it by scissors to fit your smoker.
As long as opening is bigger than 20mm, it works.

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