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SmokinAussie 10-11-2013 06:51 AM

Weber in Australia
Bloody Hell,

We're dying here. Have a laugh at this...

Yesterday I was out to see a new client in Lilydale and I came across this store..

so I had to pop in and check it out.

I've been looking for a cover for my Performer for ages. Hard to find here, and Amazon won't ship them here.

So I go in and have a look. This bloke comes out of the office. Country fella. Goatey, Akubra, Flanny shirt etc. My kinda guy usually. But not this time. He asks if he can help.

I ask him if he has any Performer Covers.

He says... "Nup.. have to order 'em in.":wacko:

Oh really? Says meeself. How many would you sell a year???

He says: " Maybe one or two"..:tsk:

OK, I'm starting to get the picture here of the "farked over Weber Dealer" in Australia.

Anyway, I say... Look mate, I'll have a look around and see if there is anything I need..

So, I look around. The prices are farkin incredible.... One Webber Gasser is sitting there... 6 GRAND!!!! Jesus:loco:!

I see the small 18.5 WSM and ask him how many he sells a year....

"Awww only one or two":tsk:

I tell him I got a big one... 22.5 and I use it all the time... farkin awesome! And he squints his eyes and farkin starts lookin sideways at me:mmph:

I look around a little more. I see some Weber Hickory chips. I look at the back of the plastic bag and see all the other varieties of wood on the label.

"Hey Mate, I see here there is Cherry available.. have you got any of that???"

He say's... :tsk: " Nup... Weber don't let us have any. We only get Hickory":twitch::twitch::twitch:

I say, "JESUS FARKIN CHRIST... That's farkin stupid.. Mate, I'd buy the Cherry in a heartbeat, but I got all the Hickory I need."

He's just lookin at me sideways again... the poor cnut has no freakin idea..

Oh, and he's trying to sell the new Performer for close to 900 Bucks!! :faint2:

Well, I farkin shot through without buying anything and left the poor bastard probably cursing at me thinking I'm just a smart arse wanker... Which I AM when we start talking about BBQ.

But, farkin hell... can we get Weber to get serious in this country????

What do we have to do?????:wacko:



oifmarine2003 10-11-2013 07:10 AM

Time for you to open up a store...... Sounds like there is plenty of opportunity!

dwfisk 10-11-2013 07:46 AM

Wow Bill, makes me wonder what the price drivers are? We can get Performer Platinums for $350 and covers for $35 pretty much anywhere and that is with retail profit included. It can't cost that much to ship, are there crazy import taxes that would double or almost triple the cost?

SmokinAussie 10-11-2013 08:15 AM

^^^ Nope. It's Webers own policy.

If you want to be a Weber dealer here, they tell you what your sell price is, and they charge 30 Grand a year for the luxury of buying wholesale from Weber!

What it means is that the Margin to Weber is off the scale. The poor dealers though have to raise the Recommended prices by a great deal to cover the dealer fee.

Honestly, if Weber dropped this sales model, they would sell 10 times more gear... especially the gassers, which are just CRAZY expensive.

Great product... stupid pricing...



deguerre 10-11-2013 08:18 AM

Government kickbacks for sales licenses in Oz must be STEEP...

sliding_billy 10-11-2013 09:22 AM

That sucks!

2dumb2kwit 10-11-2013 09:37 AM

Hmmmm....I wonder what the laws are, about one of us selling you "used" Webers. (And the difference in import taxes.) If someone here would buy Webers from Wal-mart and ship them to you, they would be "second hand". You could then sell them as "used". (But in new condition.)

Just thinking out loud. Hahaha.:loco:

CharredApron 10-11-2013 09:49 AM

Crikey, it's a pity really. Weber is a great company that unfortunately has the same issue many others do. They see the world with blinders on. Tunnel Vision

Bluesman 10-11-2013 10:23 AM

Just wondering. $900 for a Performer is outrageous, however that is comparing it to the $350 in the US. Now, is the $900 a valid price in OZ, not knowing what it sells for here? Or is it a just plain crazy price in OZ? One would think, if your interested Bill, to contact Weber direct. Try to get to the CEO. Explain OZ and the potential. Having worked in consumer manufacturing goods for 30+ years, marketing is usually pretty farked up.

mytmouz 10-11-2013 10:46 AM

Not sure if it is taxes, or just crazy shipping, but it cost $240US to get a $60 grille for a truck shipped here from Australia...

Keystone 10-11-2013 12:08 PM

Holy wow, look at some of the prices >

Yoder Durango 24" here $3199. In Oz its $9200.

Chargriller Smokin Pro Here $240. In Oz $599.

That's crazy!

longwayfromhome 10-11-2013 02:53 PM

...we have the same problem in New Zealand with Weber - lucky the WSM is such a good product.

Also, when the exchange rate moves in our favour which it did for a substantial period of time recently, there is no reflection in the pricing, oh, unless it is not favourable in which case the prices go up (this the general case, not Weber specific).

daninnewjersey 10-11-2013 03:06 PM

How about selling some Chinese knockoffs? Seems the BBQ market exists in Aussieland just not access to reasonably priced stuff?

deguerre 10-11-2013 03:18 PM

I'm finding it difficult to take the brand named "Smeg" seriously...

peeps 10-11-2013 03:20 PM


Originally Posted by deguerre (Post 2654796)
I'm finding it difficult to take the brand named "Smeg" seriously...


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