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rdstoll 09-27-2013 03:28 PM

Can a one person team realistically compete?
Hey just a quick question -

Is it possible for just a one-man "team" to realistically be able to compete in local BBQ competitions? Meaning, just myself? I'm not talking about the American Royal or some of the other very big competitions, just smaller, local ones with maybe less than 50 teams (yet still "official" KCBS).

Having caught the bug over the last two months I'm thinking about a nice stick burner (or something else) but one of the factors that enters into that equation is potentially using the cooker to compete, meaning I might need a somewhat bigger cooker than what I'd typically just use at home or for church-related entertainment, for example. Like a Lang 48 vs. a 60, etc.

Dex 09-27-2013 03:30 PM

Post this in the competition section for better feedback. I would say yes.

PatAttack 09-27-2013 03:34 PM

I've seen it done many times with stellar results.

deguerre 09-27-2013 03:36 PM

I would think for KCBS it could be done and as Pat said, often is. Not sure if it would work out so well for MIM/MBN type comps though.

CarolinaQue 09-27-2013 03:39 PM

With the right equipment...totally doable IMO.

rdstoll 09-27-2013 03:50 PM

Good to know....yeah, I was thinking of posting this in the Comp forum but I'm thinking of this question more from the standpoint of buying a cooker sometime in the next 3 months or so. Just trying to get some of the basics down, like size. Of course, if I do get something bigger the next question will be whether I should get the unit put on a trailer....

nucornhusker 09-27-2013 03:51 PM

Yes, it can be done, just be prepared to go nonstop if you do.

bbq.tom 09-27-2013 04:03 PM

In Apex, NC this June the GC was Killer B's and he did it alone.

If you are looking at a LANG, I'd highly suggest a 48 hybrid (so that you have the charcoal grill up front for added firepower - pun intended).

I have a LANG 36 hybrid, but really would do a bit better with the 48 hybrid.

Big George's BBQ 09-27-2013 04:11 PM

A lot of people do it It is a lot of work and good time management skills You have to both set and clean up too

Harbormaster 09-27-2013 04:12 PM

I have never actually competed alone, but I know I could if I needed to.

4 18.5" WSMs for me.

deguerre 09-27-2013 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by Harbormaster (Post 2639549)
I have never actually competed alone, but I know I could if I needed to.

4 18.5" WSMs for me.

Yeah, but you've got, SONS, I meant...

Garrett 09-27-2013 04:51 PM

It can be done. My best advice is practice your times and don't have "friends" just eating to hang out, they can become distracting.

hogzillas 09-27-2013 05:32 PM

It definitely works for most normal contests but something like the AR or very large contests where turrnins are farther away or crowds would make it hard to do. You might be able to do it at places like the AR if you were a box ahead of turnins in some way

bluetang 09-27-2013 05:35 PM

Yep, just ask Rub.

boogiesnap 09-27-2013 05:40 PM

can you compete? yes. are you at a disadvantage from the start? yes and no.

it is ALOT of work, not only at the comp, but before, AND after.

the upside is, you are the boss and your own standards rule.

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