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SmokinJohn 07-15-2013 10:06 AM

KF Chicken Quarters - Monday Morning BBQB session
So, I decided not to do my Kettle Fried Chicken N8Man-style.

But here is another cautionary tale for you would-be Kettle Fryers:

Go by the book the first few times, THEN deviate.

The finished product tasted good, but it wasn't visually appealing.

Let's begin:

5 Chicken quarters will be sacrificial lambs for kettle frying.

Batter has milk (non-fat, and don't ask), eggs, flour, a pinch of salt, and Kickin' Chicken rub that was run through a grinder.

The consistency was like pancake batter, and in retrospect, it should have been closer to mashed potatoes.

So I dust the quarters with flour and dredge in the batter..

While they are setting up, I oil 5 more quarters and rub them with Trader Joe's South African Smoke Blend, also ground up.

I have leftover batter and spices, so I throw them altogether and taste it, and ooooooh!

Can't waste the taste! So I pull a pack of....


Toss em into the leftover batter.

Then I discover that I am out of lump (Shoulda woulda coulda looked before). Why is this a problem?

Because even though I know my UDS can get up to 400 on briquettes, it takes a while, and I'm hungry.

But it's getting too hot to go to the store (read: lazy), so I go with my Trader Joe's bricks

The UDS gets up to 325 after an hour, and hunger sets in, so I toss the wings on the grill...

Note: Because the grill isn't in the 375+ range, the batter doesn't stick to the wings (much).

Patience loses out to hunger, so I pop all 10 quarters into the UDS....

The batter on the quarters is less thick than the one on the wings, so IT doesn't stick (much)...

Final look at the the wings:

Final look at the quarters:

I am chicken's beeyatch for now, but the day will come when chicken will be MY Beeyatch!

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