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SmokinAussie 07-07-2013 07:09 AM

4th July BBQ for 100 People (Pron) Very long, go get a beverage...
G'Day Bruces' :becky:

Well, I gave you all the heads up with my other thread on this, as I wanted to thank some buddies that supplied ingredients.

Now, we'll wee what the results are.... 100 happy people.

This year I decided to BBQ everything at home and then reheat on site, except the pulled pork, which we took up there while resting.

We start with the Texas Style Chili, made totally mild and full of flavour, using an entire Chucky

Which I cubed very finely using my Number 1 Chopper.

Once it was all cubed, I added some garlic, salt and pepper etc....

And then lightly smoked the beef on my WSM on a number of trays... this being just one..

When lightly smoked I returned the meat to the stove in a bloody big pot and added some top shelf BEER!

Then I added a bottle of Passata and that glob of chilled jelly is BRISKET STOCK, from my very first brisket cook...:tongue:

At that time I also prepared a mix of ingredients and pounded them down.

Like all good Chilli recipes, there are some things that must remain secret :mod:. All I can tell you is that I consulted with a lot of brethren Friends and made sure I used a lot of Ingredients that had been sent to me by ChickagoKP. With his advice, I believe I got a winner chili that is so full of flavour for kids and adults alike. If you want some heat... well, just add some hot sauce :icon_cool

So, flavour being very important, I decided to use my reserved Brisket Fat / Lard to bloom the spices...

Which worked a treat...

Then I added the onions, and other ingredients...

And added that to the meat... cooket it all up and put it to bed for a long while until the day before the event...

A few days before the event, I bought some pork shoulder roasts.

Now, I did not use Boston Butts because when Aussie Butchers cut them, it is called a "Pork Scotch" and the shoulder blade bone is removed, along with all the skin and the price is usally over $12.00 a KG.. roughly $6.00 a pound. BUT, if you buy randomly cut pork shoulder roasts, you get the skin and the bones for flavour and you get it for $5.99 a Kilo.. approx $3.00 bucks a pound, which is about where my budget was.

Now for some farking reason I do not have any pics of the injection, but it was mainly Myron Myxons recipe without the MSG, which I believe is totally unnecessary..... Not that I've ever won a single comp in my life...:drama: but there you are... I was not gonna serve MSG to a bunch of 60 kids and give them all headaches.

Anyway on examining my spice cupboard...

I went for something that Bluetang sent me.

SO, Bluey... that used it all up Buddy. Not a bad rub at all!

In the mean time, my wife was making Sticky Date Puddings...

And Key Lime Pies.. (Thanks Again Bluey!)

Anyway, the pork went on Overnight..

In the care of Bullet Bill...

And in the morning I was greeted with this amazing sight...

So I added some apple juice and foiled all 5 roasts

While they got up to temp, I prepared 3 of these Mac and Cheeses :grin:

Soon enough, they were ready to wrap and get in the cooler... time to GO!

A 45 minute drive away, we got some kids to help. Here's Angela slicing the rolls for the sliders

And it was HERE, that I put up the FIRST BBQ BRETHEN POSTER IN AUSTRALIA!!!!

FOIL OFF TIME... Perfect serving temp!:bow: Thanks KY ... you are are farking legend for getting me this unit!

Well, at that point, I knew we were on a winner... We would smash it out of the park!:eusa_clap:eusa_clap:eusa_clap

So anyway, the boys got to work...

Andy was chopping the crackling and I was pulling the pork. Because of the BBQ Brethren, my plan was to combine the Cracking in the Pulled Pork for crunch and flavour.

It was good fun.

A little way through, I posed for the Brothers...

And I have to say that all the Kids were VERY IMPRESSED with the poster. They thought it was real cool, even though they had no idea why I was so excited about it. in reality, I felt like a bit of a Wanker putting it up in the first place, but I thought... FARK IT... I'm a BBQ Brethren! The Poster GOES UP! :cool:

OK, so back to the job at hand... at the last moment, I add back all the pan drippings... the fat and the apple juice from the pan, kept hot in the thermos.

In the mean time, we had Pumpkin soup going that was awesome..

The Chili was well and truly ready, so I got that out...

And here is my Daughter showing me where to put the Pulled Pork

And then everyone was lining up...

And I honestly do not know why I got not plated shots, but I think the caterers amongst us will have the same problem... You have to make sure it is all being served out OK and that everyone is happy. No time for happy snaps!

So I only got one pic of this Key Lime Pie!

And one of the Key Lime Pie and the Sticky Date Pudding together.

And seriously.... those desserts were good. In testing though, we really had to back off the sweetness in the Key Lime Pie for Aussie tastes. The American recipe was so sickly sweet it was never going to work for us without some serious modification..:mod:

But finally, all was done... All tumies were full and all kiddies and Mums and Dads were happy.

SO we had a Scotch and drove home...

Thanks for looking if you got this far!



ironmanerik 07-07-2013 07:29 AM

Looks great, how about the recipe for the sticky date pudding, never seen that before.

Big George's BBQ 07-07-2013 07:30 AM

Looks like you did an awesome job. Food looked fantastic and looked like people enjoyed themselfs. The Banner looked Great. The chilli looked farkin awesome. I love key lime pie It is one of my favorite deserts. The sticky date pudding looks really interesting. Great cook Thanks for sharing

dwfisk 07-07-2013 07:37 AM

Looks like a great cook and good time had by all. Neat way to show the colors!

wmarkw 07-07-2013 07:56 AM

Good cook!!

Phubar 07-07-2013 08:19 AM

Most excellent Wizard of Ausz!

Is that a bottle of Tajin in your spice cabinet?
I got it recently from Mexico.

SmokinAussie 07-07-2013 08:28 AM


Originally Posted by Phubar (Post 2541928)
Most excellent Wizard of Ausz!

Is that a bottle of Tajin in your spice cabinet?
I got it recently from Mexico.

Yes Phube!

Brother Chicago KP sent it to me!:hail:



Mason Dixon Bowhunta 07-07-2013 08:29 AM

Outstanding! Great pictures and story, thanks for sharing.

bluetang 07-07-2013 08:29 AM

Killer cook there Bill! That pie looked spot on:clap2:.

slow-smoker 07-07-2013 08:42 AM

Bill, You did a wonderful job getting that many selections onto the serving line. Great pics too. Lots of happy faces. The chili looked awesome!

Crajoh71 07-07-2013 08:53 AM

Good Work. Looks like some happy kids! and Great BBQ!

fweck 07-07-2013 09:04 AM

Awesome Bill, wish I could have been there to taste it!!

LMAJ 07-07-2013 09:06 AM

Great looking cook!!

Al Czervik 07-07-2013 09:09 AM

A truly epic cook/post Bill! It looks like you did a bang up job on the PP, chili, mac-n-cheese, slaw, pumpkin soup, key lime pie and sticky date pudding. A special shout out goes to your helpers, advisers and mate. Two thumbs way up for the blue Thermopen. I also like that it appears you and your mate are the only Bruces around... :clap:

deguerre 07-07-2013 10:08 AM

I'm saving this pic, Bill. You look well and truly happy. I'm gonna remember that look. Good on you.

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