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tx_hellraiser 06-24-2013 08:16 AM

Need your input on my ribs
SO i was trying this 3 2 1 that ppl say is money will its was not. My ribs were tough but the flavor was spot on.
Cook temp was 225 i cooked bone side down for 3 hours. then i wrap for 2 hours i put some sauce in there to steam it then i unwrap for 1 more hour.

JONESY 06-24-2013 08:19 AM

And what input is it that your looking for?

Arlin_MacRae 06-24-2013 08:20 AM

At first glance, I'll say you pulled them way too early. There's no pull-back from the bones, and the color's a little light.
How were they?

SmokinJohn 06-24-2013 08:21 AM

Other than not seeing any pullback on the bones, what was wrong with them?

What did you use for a rub? Was it overnight? hours before? minutes?
What kind of rig do you have? Was this the maiden voyage?
Your pit/meat probe(s): Are they accurate?

discmen95 06-24-2013 08:22 AM

Hellraiser, 3-2-1 is a good basic number for spares, but you have to leave them on until they are done. You can't count on that number, sometimes it will take longer, and sometimes less. Test for doneness by probing with a toothpick or wooden skewer (it should penetrate the meat with little resistance), or pick up a rack by the end and see how it bends. It should bend at a 90 degree angle (pointing to the ground), and the meat at the bend should just be starting to tear.

NickTheGreat 06-24-2013 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by Arlin_MacRae (Post 2526833)
At first glance, I'll say you pulled them way too early. There's no pull-back from the bones, and the color's a little light.
How were they?

Agreed. I hadn't been real happy with my ribs ever, but I was just pulling them too soon.

I do the "bend test" and it seems to have a strong correlation to tenderness. I did two racks on Saturday, and one of them was really "bendy" and the other just a little. And it was obvious once eating them

K80Shooter 06-24-2013 08:27 AM

Agree with all the above.

What kind of a temp gauge are you using? My guess is that it's off a little and they just needed to cook more. Always do the bend test on ribs.

Bludawg 06-24-2013 08:29 AM

JM2C Crank up the heat to a min 275 Loose the Foil check 'em in 4 hrs WHEN they pass the bend test their done.

Manana 06-24-2013 08:31 AM

They don't look even close to done. Listen to the dawg! That's how I do mine.

tx_hellraiser 06-24-2013 08:32 AM

Feed back they were tough but when i picked them up they had a little bend..

That is what i was thinking they needed to cook longer.

Flavor was awesome just to tough to eat

John Bowen 06-24-2013 08:36 AM

What type of smoker were you using? I wonder if the section you cooked on was 225 degrees. They don't look done to me.

tx_hellraiser 06-24-2013 08:38 AM

a new braunsfel hondo i put them on the far in of the smoker which would put the 3rd slap of ribs right in the middle

PatAttack 06-24-2013 08:45 AM

They look like they needed to be cooked longer.

Give it a shot next time, I'm sure you'll get it right.

tx_hellraiser 06-24-2013 09:22 AM

one a good note made some rib tips and they were a grand slam just ed used 3 ingrediants for them

lance0623 06-24-2013 09:28 AM

Whenever I do the 3-2-1; they've been overcooked (bones falling out). I cook between 250-275 on an offset, and I find my best ribs come out when I do a 2.5-1.5-.5 or so. If they're coming out tough or undercooked, either cook longer or bump up the temp to 250 or so.

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