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Champsboss 04-19-2013 04:52 PM

First Post / First Cook on a Chubby
Been lurking here since ordering a G2 Chubby back in January.

Today is my first cook and boy did I learn alot.

I decided to leave the Guru fan in the box for the first few cooks. I figure I should learn how the cooker behaves on its own before I let a computer take over.

My first mistake was in the pit temp probe placement. For the first hour after adding the meat (put in 8 St Louis Racks at 215 degrees hoping to level out at 230) I kept the doors wide open trying to get the temp up without results. I ends up the probe moved next to the meat when I slammed the door. Where do folks usually clip it?

The large fire that was the aftermath of the first mistake has been diffucult to temper. I have been able to stay under 250 by attending the dampers closely. I also feel that my 4 chunks of apple wood were used up by the time I got back under control making me miss the best smoke window.

The biggest mistake of the day was trying to do eight racks of ribs. The shelf hangers are to close together to allow for good air flow around the ribs. The top rack looked great and was done in 4 hours. The other three I have spread out. The lack the good color of the first and are in their 6th hour now. I have read in a few places the capacity is eight St. Louis style racks. Should I have trimmed off the meat on the bacside of the slabs to make them narrower?

Anyhow I learned a ton today and am looking forward to perfecting my technique.

Next up, beef back ribs and a butt.

Untraceable 04-19-2013 05:04 PM

my first couple cooks were a little wonky getting used to my g2 chub but after figuring it out, it seems to cook better and better each time.

are you talking about guru temp probe clip? I usually just creatively drape it over a rack near the middle. if Im doing big cuts, Ill stick a skewer in and clip the probe to the skewer.

dont be afraid to rotate the ribs. I actually put the racks in backwards and at 2-3 hours flip it around like they should be. minimizes and front-back differences

jmoney7269 04-19-2013 06:18 PM

It really helps to preheat your cooker to 350 then put your meat in. It's what I do to my vault and adjust it down from there.

Champsboss 04-19-2013 08:56 PM

I like the backwards rack idea, thanks for that.

As for the crowding issue, I answered my own question. I looked at some photos of new units and duh, the bottom rack sits on top of the water pan.

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