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buccaneer 03-22-2013 06:42 PM

Pizza and a little pr0n
I tried using buckwheat mixed with the white flour.
Buckwheat is the worlds healthiest wheat, it is insanely good for you but still, I used it.
I found it made the crust far far breadier.
I also made my first Chikago style pizza and man do I need advice.
I had not read anything , I just winged it.
The problems were, the mushrooms did not cook in the filling, well, they didn't cook enough would be more accurate.
The crust was overcooked on the exposed parts but under it was bready and nice but not crispy.
The sauce was a commercial one.
I almost never use them but time issues, and I won't be using it again.
I need a tutorial on how it works, is the pie dish hot when you start, is anything pre cooked?

The "Fresh" pizza was bloody delish!
Pancetta, shallots, Moz and bocconcini, fresh tomatoes and basil
This also had the buckwheat base and was pretty good but again, a little too bread like and not enough chew.
:yo: thanks for any and all suggestions folks!

VA-Dave 03-22-2013 06:54 PM

Mmmmmm...........fresh tomatoes and basil.

Looks great buc!


landarc 03-22-2013 07:16 PM

It all looks good. But, a Chicago deep dish pie is cooked longer and at a lower heat, this allows the ingredients inside the pizza to boil in molten cheese. It is almost like a hot braising in molten cheese. I know. It sounds delicious. It is better than that.

Also the crust is more of a short crust, with some similarities to cake, not so much bread. Some even use a cornmeal crust, although I am not sure where that comes from. You need to use a crust that will not rise too much, the center does remain soft, as there is a lot of cheese and meat that can soak it.
Notice the pan, see how black it is, and that it is a steel cake pan, that matters, the dark exterior and steel interior adds to the texture of the crust. The bottom, as you can see, is crisp, but, the crumb is soft, not crisp.

superlazy 03-22-2013 07:40 PM

Ok I have a Farkin nasty cold right now and my brain is having a hard time functioning

Looks like what you made and I would eat it (- the shrooms :) ) is hand tossed pizza

This is stuffed pizza

You do pan pizza & deep dish in the same style

Hand tossed and thin crust are totally different animals :wink:

This is hand tossed I made fore the wife for v-day a couple yrs ago,
Bacon, Ita. sausage and black olives. I don't care for veggies on my Za but she does

Ok I exhausted what little of my brain is left.
I'll chime in again when I feel better and jump into the other pizza thread going on right now also.


superlazy 03-22-2013 07:46 PM

landarc beat me to it. By "short dough" he means oil added. corn meal is a must
somebody please finish. I going to lay down

buccaneer 03-22-2013 08:21 PM

Tell me more!!
I used a 'stone' pie dish:doh:

NorthwestBBQ 03-22-2013 08:30 PM

Pie looks great, bucc!

landarc 03-22-2013 08:32 PM

Has to be steel, or tinned aluminum. Can be cold or room temp when placing dough.

I have heard there is controversy about corn meal, that some folks say it is needed, other say not. I think you are okay either way. I will say, my favorite deep dish Chicago style pizza out here was Pizzeria Uno, but, only vaguely related to the Chicago family (enough to use the name, not enough to be part of the original). But, they used a buttery crust with semolina, not corn meal, and it was delicious.

I see you correctly covered the cheese with tomato sauce, normally, the cheese is on the bottom, slices placed in a layer or two, then meats, then veggies, then repeat is there is room. Add tomato sauce on top, layer it is thick, more like 1/2 inch deep. As you saw with yours, it evaporates as you cook it. By placing the veggies on top, they cook faster and braise in the cheese better. (incidentally, I did not learn any of this on my own, this was all told to me by people who worked at Pizzeria Uno and Zacharys, who do a stuffed pizza, not a deep dish).

cowgirl 03-22-2013 08:34 PM

Looks great from here Bucc!!

Bonewagon 03-22-2013 08:37 PM

I'll take a couple of slices. :thumb:

chicagokp 03-22-2013 08:48 PM

I'd hit that!

bigabyte 03-22-2013 08:52 PM

Hey Bucc's, would you do the buckwheat in the crust again? Just curious.

Does this place have a Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza tutorial? Seems like it could use one.:thumb:

buccaneer 03-22-2013 08:57 PM


Originally Posted by bigabyte (Post 2418584)
Hey Bucc's, would you do the buckwheat in the crust again? Just curious.

Does this place have a Chicago style Deep Dish Pizza tutorial? Seems like it could use one.:thumb:

I would, but under special circumstances and in less proportion , Chris.
Used 150g's in a 500 mix, that needs to be reduced and next time I'll use 80 g's.
I want to incorporate it so the experimentation continues.
My thoughts were, this would be good with sweet BBQ sauces with lots of meats as toppings because of the spongy absorbent qualities but yet to try it.

YES! A chicago tute would be bloody fantastic!!!:bow:

code3rrt 03-22-2013 09:16 PM

Well, I must say that I'd be happy to try a slice or two of either of those, they look great.
Keep us posted with the progress of your "experiments", I've only dabbled with the homemeade pizza a couple of times, but after seeing this, along with many other pizza threads on here, I may just have to try some more.

Thanks Buc


BobM 03-23-2013 05:04 AM

Looks great!

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