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Transplanted Texan 02-28-2013 09:54 AM

Is buying two IQ110's instead of a Stoker a bonehead move? (P0rn included)
The question may be moot since I just sent the payment, but I'm looking for some elimination of any post-purchase regrets here. :)

Oh, and's been a while since I've checked in, so here's a picture of the pork butt I last cooked up with my brother in law sniffing up its goodness:

I'm also not above further bribery, as here's a shot of our Christmas turkey..I am still ranked #1 son-in-law with my peruvian family after blatantly winning them over with food prowess. Food is pretty important to Peruvians and this is the only way I can compensate for my lack of spanish-speaking skills.

My setup is a 22.5" OTG that drives me nuts in terms of temperature regulation anytime I use it to rotisserie, and an 18.5" WSM. Though the Maverick and Redichek wireless temperature sensors had made life easier, I was still slave to the coals and vents at any one of our parties. Running in, out, in, out (mostly for the OTG -- the WSM is pretty steady).

You see, I have a dream...a dream where my 'cue cooks effortlessly while I drink copious amounts of bourbon, surrounded by throngs of adoring and admiring masses...women silently wondering why their men cannot be as smoky and barbecue-savvy as I. Or perhaps watching a football game without a worry in the world, knowing that perfect food was just as inevitable as an Aggie victory.

Or even a dream where I sleep peacefully as lunch is perfectly prepared overnight.

Stoker has my heart...I'm sure part of me will always want a high-tech powerhouse like that. But even purchasing a unit for each smoker, I'm still saving $200. And the reviews seem to be darn good. It seems that I'll be drilling a 7/8" hole using either system if I want to preserve the ash-catcher, so that's a wash.

I know several of you are using multiple IQ110's. Any regrets over going this route as opposed to getting a multi-pit controller?

Good to be back in the mix...


Offthehook 02-28-2013 09:59 AM

My friend has the iq and I have a stoker. Both work well to get a nice end result.

caliking 02-28-2013 10:40 AM

Your dream can be realized...

... teach your wife how to 'cue! :becky:

Now I have to make sure mine never sees this...

hav 02-28-2013 10:53 AM

I want a second IQue, waiting for it to go sale again.

I love mine, use it on my eggs and drum although have not used it on my WSM (I hardly cook on it anymore). The stoker, yea', my friend has one, it seems great, but it is just too expensive. Using the IQue with a remote maverick, I can sleep through the night. Had I started from scratch, perhaps the cost would not have been a big deal. But not too many people ever start with the perfect setup from the get go. Most build up by spending a little bit of money here and there, then you plateau.

Enjoy your IQue!

SpecOpsBBQ 02-28-2013 11:05 AM

You should just go with the BBQ Guru ProCom 4, you don't have deal with the setting it up and the wifi. I have it and love it and its so easy to use. Here's some links for you to check out.

I hope I could help

BobM 02-28-2013 07:30 PM

The ProCom 4 is over $500 and will only control 1 pit.
The unit isn't listed on the BBQ Guru's web page, it says to call for ordering information. The units are still for sale on third party sites though.

I'm geeky, I have a CyberQ WiFi. It works great, but will only control 1 pit. If I was looking for a multi pit unit, I'd get a Stoker.

The IQue 110 is a good unit. Buying 2 IQues to control 2 pits is not a bonehead move. It's a good plan and I'm sure others are also doing it.

BTW, nice cooks! :thumb:

SpecOpsBBQ 03-01-2013 12:16 AM

It all comes down to what works for you. Keep your options open and even check ebay for good deals. No matter what you choose, wether it be a guru or stoker you will be getting a quality made product.

funugy 03-01-2013 01:25 AM

Not a bone head move at all. My ique works great and it is real simple. I get a lot of rain here, so only having to waterproof one part makes sense to me. I thought about other units but with the brain and blower seperate units I was worried about ease of use.

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