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ChiefBrock 02-03-2013 11:12 PM

The education continues....
Well today was my second smoke on my MC PR42....last week was pork shoulders and venison done faster than expected. Today was spare ribs and wings. First the details:

MC PR42 and now have my Maverick ET732 for temps...found the cooker gauge is 50* LOW when at 200* 200* on lid thermometer is really around 248* indicated by my Maverick. Am having problem with starting the receiver on Maverick..have to remove batteries to start...button not working but will call them this week on it.


3 slabs of spare ribs cut St Louis Style....
24 whole wings

1- trimmed up ribs....modified my rub slightly by adding a little more brown sugar...but also added some chipolte pepper for half of the normal amount of cayenne....

2. put 8 lbs of royal oak USA in cooker....chimney 1/3 full....put half of coals o each end to us a modified Minion method to see how it works. Temp went to 300 then I shut down vents and it stabilized at 241-245 for next 6 hours without adding any other lump. I had two splits of oak for extra smoke in as well. I think I could have gotten by better with hot coals on only one side initially so would not have to shut it down so far to keep temps time will try that. Burned clean though and PR42 maintained heat very would fluctuate 1-3 degrees but we had 15-20 mph gusts today so thought it was very good with temps in 50s.

3. ribs on meat side up in center.....bbq probe on left of meat.....meat probe in thickest portion of largest slab in between bones parallel to surface. Cooked 2.5 hours.....wrapped with sprinkle of apply-cider-makers mark and squeeze of honey in each...double wrapped and put meat down for 1.5 more hours. Unwrapped and cooked meat up for 30 minutes. I think it was too much as meat was falling off bone if not careful. Put on cookie sheet....wrapped in foil and put in kitchen to rest.

4. wings went on when I did first wrap of ribs...was planning on 2 hour cook...they had same rub on them....cooked outside up..spread in all open space. Pulled ribs and checked wings....heat probe said they were at 166-174 depending on wings and where I was getting probe tip of my instant probe....carmalizing flipped over and did another 10 minutes....then flipped back over last time after pulling ribs.

5. wings had heavy smoke ring or whatever it is think really chemical reaction from low and slow....looked like blood on meat but should be impossible with thawed wings that cooked in 245-280 for 3 hours....but was first time doing poultry on cooker like that....but meat was falling off bone and juicy with clear juice. Guessing the bright red coloring is normal with thin meat....let me know what you think.

Overall...i was pleased but am perfectionist so already have some things I would do different.

-- think the chipolte was too spicy for my taste though everyone else said were great....they are family so taking to work to get some honest feedback hahahaha. everything else was good i thought.
-- would have put more honey on for wrap....and also think apple juice with some makers mark alone next time...will leave cider vinegar out...think it competed with bourbon.
-- i think i cooked too long as they were cracking apart when I wrapped them...after cooking 2.5 at 245*......maybe 2 hours max next time.
--overall pleased for first ribs ever

--less rub as I think it was a bit much on such a small portion of meat...lighter coverage
--open vents and try to keep entire wing cook at 300* for slightly quicker cook and then watch smoke rings and such for comparison. Maybe some sweet habenero glaze or peach-tupelo honey glaze LIGHTLY for final cook.
--meat was juicy and tender....just want to make sure I get some good cooks on the meat.

Thanks for any feedback....

PR42 held heat my opinion
Going to try only lighting one end of lump line next time instead of both ends to see if lower temps give me more leeway in vent management of heat as I had the lowers shut down to 1/16 of exhaust vents to 1/4 each...and it held 240-245 for 5-6 hours steady in wind. Only heat spike I had was when I opened lid to wrap ribs and add wings the air ignited wood and lump and flamed up but as soon as shut lid it mellowed out again in few minutes.

need to figure out what is up with the Maverick....think the rear button is faulty....but for now will remove batteries and reinstall to get it to come on until I can get replaced...calling tomorrow.


IamMadMan 02-04-2013 06:05 AM

Congratulations on your second successful cook on the PR42...

Your best leaning tool is to keep a log of your cook (temperatures, duration, rubs, reflections, etc.) this helps you to look back and fine-tune your methods. If all fails you have a reference point of your last changes that you can return to.

JohnHB 02-04-2013 06:11 AM


Originally Posted by IamMadMan (Post 2354087)
Congratulations on your second successful cook on the PR42...

Your best leaning tool is to keep a log of your cook (temperatures, duration, rubs, reflections, etc.) this helps you to look back and fine-tune your methods. If all fails you have a reference point of your last changes that you can return to.

This is the best advise one can have. I have cooked some great meals & some terrible meals & I haven't logged the results. What a waste.

ChiefBrock 02-04-2013 07:23 AM

Thanks fellas...yeah have used the phone app last time but forgot to do it this time. Think I got busy making sure everything was ready and working out trying to cook both items to finish around same time without opening lid too much..... I guess as much as I wrote you could call the post a log of sorts...hahahaha. Think I will write it all down this week in even more detail (yes that is possible haha) and start a journal in addition to the phone app.

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