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benniesdad 11-18-2012 07:08 AM

Fire bricks for bread baking instead of pizza stone
My wife who is a wonderful bread baker is out of town and I am considering surprising her by baking bread on my Performer for when she comes back. Question Ė can I use fire bricks in place of a pizza stone? I plan on following John SetzlerísMan-Cave recipe and using parchment paper under it. I have a pizza stone that I am really trying not to use on the grill since my wife uses it for her bread baking and I donít want the surprise to be too big when she comes back if you know what I mean. :doh:

chicagokp 11-18-2012 07:28 AM

I'd say go for it. Especially using firebricks. You should be fine.

AJP 11-18-2012 08:03 AM

Or head down to walmart and get a cheap stone for the grill, or an unglazed tile.

V-wiz 11-18-2012 10:03 AM

Yes you can. Pizza ovens are made with fire bricks and are cooked directly over the bricks.

Yellowhair42 11-18-2012 10:14 AM

I have been using them lately and they work BUT,they take a long time to heat up.

benniesdad 11-18-2012 04:43 PM

Thanks for all the input. Based on the comments and some of the other reading I have done, I decided to punt. Went online and found a round 14 3/4 inch one at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $14.99, ordered it and just picked it up about an hour ago. I am going to set it on top of the fire bricks and give it a go.

tish 11-18-2012 05:32 PM

Let us know how it comes out. :grin:

pattyp 11-18-2012 05:38 PM

Good luck I got one from bed bath and beyond, it lasted 2 cooks. Eventually got a primo pizza stone. But worth the learning

AJP 11-18-2012 06:16 PM

The trick with the cheap stones is to put them on the grill when it is cool and let them heat up with the grill. If you put a cold stone on a hot grill it is asking it to crack.

cheez 11-18-2012 07:15 PM

Maybe too late, since you bought the other stone, but I use firebrick splits for pizza all the time, and have used them once so far for bread as well. It worked out great! There is a pic in here:

benniesdad 11-19-2012 05:40 PM

Bread was not what I would call a great success, but it certainly was not an epic failure either. I actually ended up doing it on two separate grills. My Performer would not hold a high enough temperature so after 30 minutes of temps that would not go above 325, I moved the pizza stone with bread over to my Summit gasser to finish it. Fortunately, I had additional firebricks that I could allow some to preheat while the Summit was coming up to temp. Had a little burning on the crust, but the bread itself turned out OK. My wife was definitely surprised when she came home tonight and we had it for supper. BTW = don’t plan on seeing me opening a bakery anytime soon.
Here was my initial set up on the Performer with fire bricks under the pizza stone. I also had two small water pans under the grate to provide moisture.

Bread definitely had an awesome crust.

Crumb was a little dense, but not bad for the first time.

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