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mgp03051 11-12-2012 07:20 PM

OBR Long Beach W/pron
:arrow:I'd like to share my experiences about this weekend, OBR, and my Brethren brothers We left NH at 11am Friday morning for Brick NJ with our trailer full of donations and make a stop in Conn. to pickup pellets. We contacted Mark where we are going to pick up the pellets he says "There in the back of my truck don't go past the stop sign or my dogs will kill you" What ? and he repeats the same statement. Ok .. Farking Killer dogs guys don't go past the stop sign. Loaded the pellets and all still alive we're batting 1000 We arrived in Brick NJ at about 7pm and found out that the big cookers have pulled out earlier in the day and the cooker they had running was loaded for the night.. Fark! Start making phone calls Pat, Chris Pat ,Pat , Pat Chris Mike, Phil, humph! Get the word from Phil Long Beach is where we are going but there is a curfew dawn to dusk... Plan B get everything on Ice head back north to the city sleep at a rest area close by and wait til dawn.. We got to the 95 rest area about 1230 am and hunkered down for the night.. About 430 I needed to stretch my legs and nature was calling so I try to be quiet as to not wake anyone up as soon as I touch the door handle Farking Lights start flashing, horn starts blowing, and the keys are lost in a pile of wrappers, bottles and coffee cups.. So much for being quiet... Now that everyone's up and I mean everyone.. Let's take care of business and get this show on the road... as we drive into the city we see Tower One lit up blaze red by the rising sun and. that's when we knew this is where we had to be.. A little further down the road the sun was full circle over JFK. We started to see signs of Sandy soon after that. boats on porches, trees down ect, But nothing could compare to the devastation that was awaiting us on the other side of the bridge into Long Beach. We came over the bridge took a left and we where speechless more like shock and awe the only voice was the GPS telling us when to turn. We get to our destination Long Beach City Hall and are directed to the top of the parking garage.. we where the first to arrive shortly after that there was a parade of smokers. I was never more happy to see BBQ teams pulling into a site in my life. Then Eric, Phil, and Santa. It is about 9am now and people are expecting food at 11:30. We start unloading our trailer making piles in different locations, everyone is lighting their pits, grills, propane burners.. Controlled chaos is a good word for it. There is food ready and we are feeding people at 1130!!!! they also manage to get most of the 1200 or so pounds of butts on the cookers .. We fired up Phil's Lang and get the rest of the butts on and about 150 lbs of pork loin and the grill box for hot burgers and dogs. Now his place is firing on all cylinders!! Then Sully and Lunch Meat showed up it was good to see some familiar faces. But there were no strangers here anyway just brothers and sisters working for a common goal..Things calmed down around 6pm talked with Phil and everyone for awhile, the last butts came off the smoker around 1:30 and hit the sack. Sunday was much like the day before lot of work getting everything for ready 11.30. We rolled out about 130 in the afternoon... The food line was very long at that time. I left Long Beach feeling good that the people were getting a hot meal again today, humbled by what the people of Long Beach have gone thru and the long road to recovery they have, and proud to say I'm part of the Brethren and ORB... making Santa a French Dip Sammie togo was pretty Farking funny Phil....

42BBQ 11-12-2012 07:35 PM

Nice work Brother, OBR and all involved have done God's work for those affected by Sandy. Blessings.

Ackman 11-12-2012 08:02 PM

I made it there to chip in on Sunday morning though I do have to say not nearly as an eventful trip as yours. I was seriously impressed with the operation. It was like a well oiled machine. So much so that I really did not have a chance to meet a lot of the people, they but me straight to work. None the less it was very satisfying. The locals were so appreciative--I had to laugh when hauling a couple of bags of garbage away people kept saying thanks --

Well done Phil and Eric who kept everything moving smoothly.

motoeric 11-12-2012 10:22 PM

I had never understood how the natives in an affected area felt until Sandy. 9/11 was a different experience entirely and (for me at least) can only be compared to itself.

With Sandy I had this strange sense of ownership. This was my f'ing community! We weren't going to let this go by without doing something to directly assist the first responders and the people most victimized.

I was surprised to realize how much of an impact it had on me that people were coming from out of state to lend a hand. New Hampshire? That is crazy dedication? Virginia? Unbelievable. Massachusetts? It almost made me not hate the Patriots.

If at one point or another you saw a tear or two, I assure you it was due to the smoke. Don't believe any despicable rumors that I was occasionally getting choked up.


mgp03051 11-12-2012 10:34 PM

No pictures no proof Eric...Thats the way I look at It...Its was great to meet and work with you this weekend!

motoeric 11-12-2012 10:38 PM

I just went through all the pictures. Great job!


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