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javahog2002 11-11-2012 12:39 AM

CL Score - Redhead
Finally found a redhead on Craiglist.

Since there is no Vent Code and it has the patent number, I figure it is a 70's model before 1979.

An 18" kettle for $15.00. It does have 3 chips in the coating. One is about the diameter of a coke can. Not sure if I will try to mask off and paint with the dupli engine paint.

Here's the original shape:

After a bit of work:

Sanded the handle and stained a bit:

tish 11-11-2012 01:07 AM

Great score, and a nice save! Congrats! :thumb:

Fo Sizzle My Nizzle 11-11-2012 02:24 AM

Glad a brethren saved that one. Its lookin good!

cholloway 11-11-2012 03:54 AM

Heck yeah!
Looks like my 1st Weber that I got in '71 except mine was green.

5string 11-11-2012 04:42 AM

Nice find, welcome to the club!

Bluebird 11-11-2012 05:30 AM


MisterChrister 11-11-2012 07:16 AM

Great find, she's a beaut! Welcome to the club! Everything tastes better on a Redhead! :-P

Harbormaster 11-11-2012 07:38 AM

That's a good score.

Now ya need to get the legs in the right places.

rg02 11-11-2012 08:04 AM

Glad you saved her! Does the top vent say pat pending? If so she is '68-'70.

Now, get those legs in the right place :D

Next, get some steel wool and some alum polish ! Or just buy a new legs/wheels/triangle/ash catcher kit from weber like I did lol. A lot easier!

Nothin cooks like a redhead! Can't wait to see updated pics.

javahog2002 11-11-2012 01:37 PM

No it does not say pat pending. It has the patent number. Ok, I will put the legs on the right way.

rg02 11-11-2012 04:18 PM


Originally Posted by javahog2002 (Post 2268947)
No it does not say pat pending. It has the patent number. Ok, I will put the legs on the right way.

Sorry my man I shoulda saw that in your initial post! My bad!

Can't wait to see her all cleaned up! Any ideas on what yer gonna break her in with?

mbshop 11-11-2012 04:28 PM

nice save !

cloudbuster 11-11-2012 05:01 PM

Darn it these posts make me sick. I want a redhead soooo badly!!! I scour craigslist, yard sales, auctions, classified, everything and still nothing.

cloudbuster 11-11-2012 05:03 PM

Oh, btw, she's a beaut java. Congrats:clap:

barney jr 11-11-2012 06:33 PM

nice score man!

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