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krshome 11-07-2012 09:20 AM

Meat temps L&S & H&F
I need some help. I want to make a temperature chart for BBQ something like this but also with hot and fast temps. I have been cooking everything at the 225-230 temp rang but I'm learning this is not the norm. I had been using this chart but I feel these temps are not the best (maybe some editing on the L&S temps). I'm moving more towards hot and fast but would like the option for low and slow when I have time. So if I could make a chart with both the L&S & H&F temps for all the different meats, I think this would be helpful to all us greenhorns. Please list meat and you L&S and H&F temps and I'll put the chart together. I very interested to see what you'll say. Thanks

chad 11-07-2012 10:19 AM

:mrgreen: If a chart would guarantee great results on all meats in all conditions all the time BBQ would be easy!

Over the years I've gone from low and slow to hot/fast but I still mix it up depending on weather, which cooker I'm using, and how I feel about that particular cook session.

You have to pay attention no matter which method you use. Low and slow, assuming it's not too low and the meat never finishes is more forgiving but can definitely make for a late dinner. I've used hot/fast for years in catering big events and even with disasters like cold windy weather and the bottom burning out of my stick burner I still had the meat ready on time!!

My low and slow temps vary from 235-275. I let the meat tell me when to foil/wrap, remove, rest, etc. but I plan 1.5 hours per pound plus a couple of hours of cooler time. This is true for pork and brisket.
Ribs l/s get the 3/2/1 treatment...but I usually wind up over cooking and they fall off the bone. No comp style ribs using this "formula" for me.
Chicken l/s get marinaded over night, rubbed, and cooked at 250 or so for 3 hours.

Pork 300 or better for 2 hours, check for color, wrap cook for 3 more hours. Check temp looking for 200ish. Cooler for a couple of hours. Try and save all the juice I can to mix back in the pulled pork.
Brisket 300 or better for 2 hours, check for color, wrap and cook 2 more hours checking for IT of 205 in the point. If I'm doing a flat I check earlier and pull out of the cooker at 190 or so and let it rest.
Ribs: 300 or better for about an hour and start checking for color. When they look good and the meat starts pulling away from the bone end I wrap and cook for another hour or so and start checking for slap deflection (how much does it bend). If you don't want fall off the bone ribs you'll need to open up the foil and cool them off.
Chicken: 300 or better. I marinade, rub, and cook for 2 hours or so -- when they start coloring up I check the IT. If I can I'll pan and cover the chicken to finish.

I don't do anything special. I let the fire and meat tell me what's going on.

Bludawg 11-07-2012 10:55 AM

All you need to know:
300 deg *45-50 min lb cook till probe tender
*this not law just ball parkymmv

krshome 11-07-2012 12:14 PM


Originally Posted by Bludawg (Post 2265747)
All you need to know:
300 deg *45-50 min lb cook till probe tender
*this not law just ball parkymmv

Everything? Too easy, my brain can't comprehend. Needs to be difficult.

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