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thaifighter06 10-22-2012 01:11 PM

FIRST FATTYYYYYY (lots of pron)
"What we do in life; echoes in eternity."

No better words were spoken (or written for a movie, rather) to describe the emotional, physical, nasal (even) and dare I say, spiritual experience of one's first fatty. I didn't have anything specific in mind when I decided to set sail to the promised lands of the fatty; I really just wanted to try it. Thankfully my father-in-law stopped by along with a few neighbors who were outside and smelled the mouthwatering assault on the senses that is the fatty.

Mad props to the cowgirl for the help and suggestion of due fattilicious process per her blog.

The bacon weaving process was a bit easier than I expected, it was the flattening of the fatty itself and the rolling that proved to be a bit more difficult. Suggestions there?

I filled the middle with red potatoes, green peppers, onions, fresh garlic and cheddar cheese.

(my wife - "you're putting ALL of that in there?"

To which I responded - "That's what she...")

Smoked on the BGE XL for 3 hrs at about 300 degrees with cherry and pecan wood.

Sliced it up, put the slices on some whole wheat bagels along with a fried egg and an extra slice of cheese.

Needless to say, it was VERY well received. My only fear going forward is that the fatty will take on a life of it's own...growing, changing, evolving and most importantly be respected and requested by so many of those than take part in it's mysterious enigma.

Thanks again, Brethren.

Grillman 10-22-2012 01:18 PM

That looks fattytastic...:hungry:

cowgirl 10-22-2012 01:33 PM

It looks fantastic Thaifighter! Very delicious! :cool::mrgreen:

If you roll the sausage out inside of a one gallon baggie it's a lot easier..

I use the plastic to help roll the bacon around the fattie and tuck in the ends as I go. (not sure if that makes sense).

Yours looks great!!


KBird 10-22-2012 03:46 PM

Thai, put the sausage in a one gallon zip bag, roll it flat, then cut the two sides so that the top plastic opens up to expose the sausage. Goes very easy!

thaifighter06 10-22-2012 04:18 PM

Great suggestions. The one gallon bag idea is fantastic. I think I am going to start one Wednesday morning and eat it for lunch with a few work buddies. I'll keep you posted!

Wampus 10-22-2012 04:47 PM


Originally Posted by Grillman (Post 2251941)
That looks fattytastic...:hungry:


My new favorite word! :thumb:

BobM 10-22-2012 05:57 PM

Nice job! I love fattys! :thumb:

isolated01 10-22-2012 08:02 PM

I also do the 1gallon zip lock bag trick. I then hold it up to the light to check for thin spots(not even)
When you buy your bacon turn the package over and make sure you get a package with even slices to the ends. Some packages don't.
Nice fatty!!

Bodigs808 10-23-2012 07:49 AM

The Fatty looks great!

Rich Parker 10-23-2012 07:54 AM

Excellent example of a great fatty!

1911Ron 10-23-2012 03:35 PM

Outstanding looking fatty! Something that i do is after i flatten it in the 1gal bag, i put it in the fridge while i cook up the innards, after that cools i take it out of the fridge and go to town. I use a fatty piston that i saw on Cowgirls blog to stuff my fatty. What also will work if you use the Fatty piston stuff it with warm fillings and cheese then put that in the fridge to cool, it helps the rolling process very well!

GL-BBQ 10-23-2012 05:10 PM

looks good

Bonewagon 10-23-2012 08:10 PM

Nice job on the fatty!

stanimals2 10-23-2012 08:51 PM


martyleach 10-23-2012 09:47 PM

Very nice! I think the 1 gallon zip lock is the industry standard for fatties. Makes it much easier. Fun stuff!

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