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Big Ron 10-12-2012 10:22 AM

2012 Sponsored Team Reported Results
Thanks for the support to cooking teams of Big Ron's Rub! Below are reported top ten calls, or top 10 calls I have seen posted from teams that are sponsored. I need to add a few more as well as new photos that have been submitted. Hopefully I will make time this weekend. (My personal results are at the bottom)

(Side note- A few of the teams have grown distant don't check in as often so I am not sure if they are cooking.)

Your support is much appreciated and Congrats!

Date Location/Sanction # of Teams Team Name Awards
02-19-12 Gruene TX - Non-Sanctioned 9 TEAMS Creekside Cookers Reserve Grand Champion!! 3rd Chicken, 2nd Ribs, 2nd Brisket
02-25-12 Italy TX-LSBS 50 TEAMS Wrapped In Smoke 9th Brisket
03-03-12 Willis Point TX-IBCA 28 TEAMS Wrapped In Smoke 5th Chicken, 8th Ribs
03-03-12 Geronimo TX-IBCA 40 TEAMS Creekside Cookers 2nd Chicken
03-31-12 Kyle TX-IBCA 20 TEAMS Creekside Cookers 2nd Ribs, 4th Brisket, 5th Fajitas 3rd Overall
04-02-12 Las Vegas NV - KCBS 111 TEAMS Lucky's Q Reserve Grand Champion! 4th in Chicken, 7th in Ribs, 19th in Pork, 17th in Brisket
04-14-12 Kennedale-LSBS 44 TEAMS Wrapped In Smoke 3rd Chicken, 8th Brisket, 5th Overall
04-20-12 Irving TX-LSBS 17 TEAMS Wrapped In Smoke 4th Chicken, 5th Ribs
04-20-12 Buda TX-LSBS 11 TEAMS Creekside Cookers GRAND CHAMPION!! 2nd Beans, 1st Cooks Choice, 1st Chicken, 1st Ribs, 2nd Brisket
04-20-12 Cornelia GA-KCBS 36 TEAMS Georgia Boys BBQ 2nd Chicken, 7th Pork, 8th Overall
04-20-12 Cornelia GA-KCBS 36 TEAMS Gold Rush Smokers 10th Pork
04-21-12 Kings Mountain NC-KCBS 43 TEAMS QueNivorous 2nd Brisket, 9th Overall
04-26-12 Edenton NC-KCBS 33 TEAMS QueNivorous 2nd Ribs, 7th Overall
04-26-12 Mesquite TX- LSBS 50 TEAMS Wrapped In Smoke Reserve Grand Champion! 1st Chicken, 4th Ribs, 4th Chicken
04-26-12 Freer TX-LSBS 18 TEAMS Fat Ash BBQ 5th Chicken
04-26-12 Barnesville GA- FBA 43 TEAMS Hicktown BBQ 6th Chicken, 2nd Ribs, Brisket 10th, 3rd Overall
04-26-12 Beaumont TX- GO Texan Not reported Smokin Aces 3rd Ribs
04-27-12 Edenton NC- KCBS 33 TEAMS QueNivorous Ribs 7th, Pork 8th, Brisket 9th, 8th Overall
05-05-12 Lubbock TX- LSBS 26 TEAMS West Texas Pitmasters 5th Ribs, 7th Chicken, 8th Overall
05-18-12 Amarillo TX- IBCA 84 TEAMS West Texas Pitmasters 3rd Chicken, 5th Ribs 3rd Overall
06-02-12 Snook TX - IBCA 36 TEAMS Creekside Cookers 9th Ribs, 3rd Brisket 6th Overall
06-09-12 Medina Lake TX- LSBS 31 TEAMS Creekside Cookers 4th Chicken, 9th Ribs, 4th Brisket, 3rd Overall
06-09-12 Marietta OH-KCBS 30 TEAMS Smoking Pigs Ash 9th Chicken, 9th Pork
06-09-12 Brownfield TX- IBCA 35 TEAMS Hicktown BBQ 6th Chicken, 4th Pork, 6th Overall
06-17-12 Lovington NM - IBCA 15 TEAMS West Texas Pitmasters Reserve Grand Champion!-3rd Chicken, 3rd Ribs, 3rd Brisket
06-17-12 Stowal Springs TX 20 TEAMS Smokin Aces GRAND CHAMPION!! -3rd Chicken, 1st Ribs, 1st Brisket
06-17-12 Merrimack NH - KCBS 41 TEAMS Bone Daddy's BBQ 3rd Chicken, 8th Ribs
06-23-12 Hamburg NY-KCBS 43 TEAMS Smokin' Ain't Easy 9th Chicken - (2nd Chicken Legs in Grilling Contest)
06-23-12 Greensboro NC-KCBS 27 TEAMS QueNivorus 6th Chicken, 3rd Ribs, 9th Brisket - 7th Overall
07-14-12 Kosclosko TX - IBCA 73 TEAMS Creekside Cookers 2nd Chef's Choice
07-21-12 New Braunfels TX-Non Sanc Not reported Creekside Cookers GRAND CHAMPION! 1st Beans, 3rd Chicken, 1st Chef's Choice, 1st Brisket
07-27-12 Cleveland TN - KCBS 61 TEAMS Hicktown BBQ 3rd Pork
07-27-12 Des Moines IA - KCBS 30 TEAMS Lucky's Q 4th Overall, 2nd Chicken, 10th Ribs, 5th Pork, 9th Brisket- Sam's Club going to round 2
07-27-12 New Palestine IN - KCBS 50 TEAMS Smoking Pigs Ash 4th Brisket
08-19-12 Driftwood TX - IBCA 43 TEAMS Creekside Cookers 7th chicken, 1st brisket, 5th overall
08-19-12 Lubbock TX-IBCA 27 TEAMS West Texas Pitmasters 5th Ribs, Brisket 9th
08-24-12 Kennesaw GA-KCBS 52 TEAMS Hicktown BBQ 8th Chicken
08-24-12 Kennesaw GA-KCBS 52 TEAMS Georgia Boys BBQ 9th chicken, 2nd Brisket
08-24-12 Albert Lea MN-KCBS 54 TEAMS Lucky's Q 4th Chicken, 4th Ribs, 10th Pork, 4th Brisket 3rd Overall
08-24-12 Benton/Franklin-Not Sanctioned 30 TEAMS B-Town Q'in 3rd Ribs, 4th Tri-Tip, 1st Appetizer
09-08-12 Grand Junction CO-KCBS 51 TEAMS Lucky's Q 3rd Ribs, 3rd Brisket 7th overall
09-08-12 Lubbock TX-IBCA 32 TEAMS West TX Pitmasters 6th Chicken, 10th Ribs
09-08-12 Winder GA-KCBS 42 TEAMS Hicktown BBQ 8th Chicken, 7th Pork, 10th Brisket
09-08-12 Winder GA-KCBS 42 TEAMS Georgia Boys BBQ 7th Chicken, 8th Ribs, 9th Pork, 8th Brisket 3rd Overall
09-08-12 Fort Vally GA-GBA 36 TEAMS Smokin-AJ's Reserve Grand Champion - 1st Pork, 2nd Loin
09-21-12 Lockport NY-Not Sanctioned 30 TEAMS Smokin' Ain't Easy 1st Chicken, 3rd Ribs - 3rd Overall
09-29-12 Xenia OH-KCBS 29 TEAMS Smoking Pigs Ash 3rd Chicken
10-06-12 Seguin TX - Not Sanctioned 32 Teams Jus Grillin 5th Brisket
10-06-12 Bee Cave TX-IBCA 10 TEAMS Creekside Cookers GRAND CHAMPION! 7th Chicken, 2nd Ribs, 1st Brisket
10-06-12 Rockwall TX-IBCA 34 TEAMS Wrapped In Smoke 3rd Spares, 3rd Country Style, 3rd Overall

2012 - 8 events cooked 09-19-12
14th Ribs- 141 teams Jan
17th Brisket- 109 teams Feb
6th Chicken- 28 teams Apr
6th Ribs- 28 teams Apr
Final Table- Brisket -28 teams - Apr
1st Ribs - 27 teams - Apr
Final Table-Chicken/Brisket 27 teams-Apr
8th Chef's Choice - 27 teams - Apr
Final Table Chicken/Ribs - 58 teams-June
9th Chicken - 60 teams - July
3rd Ribeye - 60 teams - July
2nd Chicken - 12 teams - September
4th Ribs - 12 teams - September
6th Brisket - 12 teams - September
1st Ribs - 32 teams - September
4th Brisket - 32 teams - September

RX2006JE 10-18-2012 10:29 PM

Going next month to fba contest loaded up with the banner and rubs been testing with them and looking forward to putting them into action.

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