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Hook_Line_and_Sinker 05-23-2012 09:43 PM

Tried and tested, you can rely on Steph and Simply Marvelous !
While it is certainly well known that Steph is a good businessman and brethren, just look at all the threads complimenting him on his service and promptness. Then even more threads ranting about just how good his products are, is further testament to his commitment and attention to detail.

But when things go south and we all know how south things can get, how does Steph perform? Well I can tell you he does great! I posted in a thread that " I could no longer go on with out some SM rubs" and shortly after Steph pmed me to ask if I was kidding? Really I had been meaning to order some and just hadn't gotten to it. So I let him know that no I wasn't kidding and gave him a order for product. The next day I get the tracking info and my package is less than 8 miles away. Man what great service! Until I don't get a package ......

The post office in its infinite wisdom thought, this stuff needs to have a road trip.
So on a truck from the west coast the the east coast and back goes our package. A 16 day vacation bumping around, stopping to sort and report, the package goes. and since as the post office would warmly smile and tell me " the package is within the 17 day delivery window" all was well, so they shipped it back to Steph's city, for a do over of sorts.

So I pmed Steph to let him know the package might be comming his way. After looking at the tracking he declared " This is the stupidest, shipping know to man." and that he will make it right!

I don't know if Steph doned a cape and flew to the post office, or drove down and chewed out some postal people , but he intervened and got it to me within 24 hours.

Beaten and battered having suffered through untold postal treatment, the contents were perfect and all snugly packed. Who packs for a 7,000 mile road trip - Steph does.

Thank you Steph !

fingerlickin' 05-23-2012 11:35 PM

Here, here.

big brother smoke 05-23-2012 11:38 PM

Sorry brother, but no wonder USPS is broke. I won't go on because this will get bumped over to news and politics:razz:

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