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sigmasmokers 05-10-2005 10:31 AM

Turn in opinions...
Here are some turn in pictures that a buddy of mine sent me from a past competition. Could you guys take a look at them and give me you opinion. I'm not as concerned about the chicken score because I am turning in thighs, but wondering what you would change about the other 3 meats...

midnight 05-10-2005 02:21 PM

chicken looks good.

Ribs: I don't like the 2 on the sides. Maybe turn them face down? I know you probably have them up to show the smokering. Also, it might be just the lighting but the middle of the ribs look wet and the top section and bottom section look dry? All wet would look better.

Butt: Looks fantastic (wish mine looked that good!)

Brisket: The meat looks good but IMHO you have to much wasted space in the top right corner and bottom left corner. Maybe fill the corners with some chunks of brisket.

Overall it looks great.

Solidkick 05-10-2005 04:37 PM

Agree with Chad.........

Brisket.....slice the width of a pencil........looks a little thin to me, but that's just my opinion.......

chad 05-10-2005 04:57 PM

Chad is innocent!!

I'd score:

Chicken 7
Ribs 8
Pork 9
Brisket 8

Have I mentioned lately that I hate garnish! :twisted: Sorry, the garnish looks ok - I'm focusing on the meat - since I can't see the boxes in different lights - ie. as it moves around the table - those are my scores.

Solidkick 05-10-2005 05:07 PM

Sorry Chad.......saw the cooker and assumed it was you.......didn't even read the name........
I appologize to both you and Midnight.........

I like garnish..........

chad 05-10-2005 05:12 PM

Garnish blows! :D

I don't cook farking garnish! For what I pay in entry fees and for meat I shouldn't have to be judged ANY points on lettuce and farking parsley! I play the game with KCBS and buy the best, greenest, freshest lettuce I can find!! :mrgreen:

Note: Lambrusco alert! :D

PS: I love Midnights cooker - I was looking to have one of similar design made and then plate metal prices went sky-high! :D

midnight 05-10-2005 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by Solidkick
Sorry Chad.......saw the cooker and assumed it was you.......didn't even read the name........
I appologize to both you and Midnight.........

I like garnish..........

I guess I have been called worse......I think?

chad 05-10-2005 06:44 PM


I guess I have been called worse......I think?
What? Chad or garnish! :D

Actually, all four boxes were nice. It's impossible to "judge" from a picture.

The_Kapn 05-10-2005 06:58 PM

I like them all--a lot. Would score them 8+.
(I am FBA Judge-not KCBS. Same basic rules except "no garnish")

For appearance I see organization, balance, creativity, imagination, and a lot of attention to detail. And, they all make me "want to try these"! Those are the keys for me.

Well Done.

Some side notes/observations. These are just opinions and thoughts!

On the chicken--
We are not brave enough to turn in both white and dark meat. Almost like begging for scores "all over the place". He did get 10 peices in there--different. We use thighs. Simple, easy, consistant, moist, and predictable. But, that is just us.

On the ribbies--
We would have placed the 2 side ribs turned/rolled the same way as the center 6. By that, I mean "meat side up", but still oriented vertically. That would eliminate the color and texture contrast between the required 6 and the 2 added extras.
Secondly, we lay the ribbies with the cut side and smoke ring showing forward. Yeah, I know judges are not supposed to consider the smoke ring. But, judges are "almost" human and smoke ring is KEWL. Now, "meat side up" is a great display when you have ribs cut from different slabs that do not have similar bone curves. Helps to hide the differences and balance the display.
Finally, the ribs are not fully trimmed to St Louis style. Grissle is still there. Many judges do not like the grissle, so we trim it all off to avoid any problems. I know that full slab, trimmed slabs, and baby backs are all allowed--just avoiding any "thoughts" by a judge here.

Use all of this as you wish--or ignore it--just some thoughts and opinions.

Chad will correct anything I have mis-stated here.

I would be proud of any of those presentations :lol:


kcquer 05-12-2005 03:26 PM

Brisket, I would have gone for an 8th slice at least and fanned them a bit more to better fill the box and to show more of that beautiful smokering. Slicing it a bit on the bias will also enhance the thickness of the smokering and the overall size of the slice.
All in all, 4 nice presentations, agree with Tim, I want to try them all :wink:

ole'e 06-07-2005 03:35 AM

The pork could have some larger pieces of the bark. We started squaring off the brisket so that it fits the box.

nucleargeek 06-07-2005 01:22 PM

I personally would have put a few more pieces of the chewy bark in with the pork and probably one or two end pieces in the brisket as well. Not for appearance as much as a treat for the judges. Every little bit counts. Looks great as is, though. Job well done.

MoKanMeathead 06-08-2005 08:18 AM

The problem with turning ribs on their side is that they dry out very easily before they get to the judging table. I would keep them all flat. We have tried it both ways.

You might consider turning is some sliced pork medalions. There are a couple of the muscles in a but that slice up very well - looks good surrounded by the pulled and chunked.

We fill op the brisket box with slices and burnt ends have done very well with brisket the last year or so.

However - they all look pretty good.

Just my .02


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