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smokincracker 04-28-2005 03:57 PM

Columbia, MO - County Fair & BBQ Contest July 22ond and
Itís official!!!!!
I bought my airline tickets today.
Smokiní Cracker BBQ team flys into Kansas City on Thursday afternoon July 21st.
I am renting a car and then off to Columbia County to see how the boys from Missouri can burn meat. I hope to see some KCBS smokers in actionÖÖ.
You guys do drink beer donít you???!!
Any other brethren want to make the trip to see how these guys burn meat drop me a e-mail.. I look forward to meeting some of you guys. I will be there Friday thru Sunday and then back to KC for the Monday AM flight back to O town (Orlando)

Solidkick 04-28-2005 05:42 PM

Well BRING IT ON!!! Hoping Miller Lite continues to be a sponsor, we should be set...........

Throw them thar FBA rules out the winder, you're about to get a lesson in MoFo Q'n at it's finest!! We'll entertain you the best we can, and I'll start working on Jay to see if he can get you some Boone County Fair Ham Breakfast tickets (I'll just have him add $50-$60 to the cost of your new cooker, did I say that? :lol: ). I'll walk through the cow and pig barns with cha, but I won't get on the Ferris wheel...........

Looking forward to a GREAT weekend!

JT, KC, BigDog, you guys in to cook this one?

Solidkick 04-28-2005 06:58 PM

Potential Brethren teams at the BoCo fair.....

1.Spice's Team Q
2.Smokin' Cracker's team
3.Big 'Uns BBQ
4.Chick-N-Pig BBQ
5.Lazy Q Acres (Jamie, doesn't visit very often)
6.Candyman's Heaven Scent (Gary, doesn't visit very often)
7.JT,KC, and someone? (trying to talk them into it here :mrgreen: )
8. The Belley Brothers BBQ Team

I'd say 7 of 8 are a definite.......... It's gonna be great fun!!!
Did I miss anyone??

smokincracker 04-28-2005 07:34 PM

Smokin Cracker will be goin as spectators and beer dinking experts only....
Too far to drag the rig.....Figured I'd just hang out with all you guys!???

kcquer 04-28-2005 08:38 PM


KC, and someone?
"sMO-KAN Brethren"
I'll go kidnap jt if I have to, BigDog has only to get as far as KC and I'll bring him the rest of the way.

Jeff, are you interested?

spicewine 05-01-2005 10:56 AM


Potential Brethren teams at the BoCo fair.....
Don't forget Darrell Darling ( Mizzou Crew BBQ ) Darrell took 1st. Place Pork Butt at the American Royal 2 years ago and 12th over all at the Royal last year.

Spicewine Ironworks will be haveing a customer appreciation at this function. Plenty-O-Beer and food Friday night. All the MOFO'S and Brethren are welcome to join the party. Saturday we go to work!

Chick'n Pig BBQ 05-01-2005 06:13 PM

Chick'n' Pig BBQ will be there. Stop by we will have a cold one waiting for ya! And some great Q. :D

kcquer 05-03-2005 03:51 PM

OK, Central and Western MoFo chapters are heard from. How 'bout y'all from St Louise, any of you ladies gonna make the trip?

Jeff_in_KC 05-03-2005 09:54 PM

Scott are you cooking? If so, I didn't realize you were on a team.

I think I've decided to try to buy not only my 2006 GMC Crew Cab next February but also a trailer smoker and get into competition Qing next year... that is if the bonus in January for this year is big enough! Been thinking a lot about this and well, I can't sleep at night the last two nights when I lay there thinking about it. Seems like maybe I should feed the need, huh?

kcquer 05-04-2005 07:44 AM


Scott are you cooking? If so, I didn't realize you were on a team.
Team KC has been a work in progress since I cooked with the BellyBros last July. The last 60 days progress has come to an abrupt halt, hoping to begin moving fwd again very soon.

Bellybro 05-05-2005 08:29 AM


looks more and more likely that i'll be cooking rather than watching this time...
The more the merrier! Jump in with both feet brother!

smokincracker 05-05-2005 10:13 AM

I think I started a smoking migration of epic proportions!
Look forward to hanging with you guys. Rooms were hard to find for one night (Friday only) but found one at
The Motel 6
I-70 and Stadium Blvd. Exit 124
Sounds like a hommy place!!!!!!

How far from the fairgrounds is that? Any one know?

BellyBrotherII 05-05-2005 10:35 AM

Smoken Cracker,
once you are there take I-70 east to HWY 63 North and then go north on 63 about 4 miles, and you should see a sign Boone County Fair Grounds which will be on your right as you are going North.. If you get lost I will give you my Cell # and you can call, we get you cleared to land.

Jeff_in_KC 05-05-2005 10:43 AM

Where do Scott and I find the registration forms for this?

BellyBrotherII 05-05-2005 10:47 AM

Columbia, MO
State Championship Columbia, MO - County Fair & BBQ Contest
Contact: Mike McMillen - 5800 North Boothe Lane, Rocheport, MO 65279
Phone: 573-443-0743 Fax: 573-443-0744
KCBS Reps: Gary Wells, Carolyn Wells

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