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JMSetzler 08-29-2011 12:51 PM

Brethren Chicken Noodle Soup Recipes?
Since my new freezer is nowhere near full yet, I wanna make up a big batch of chicken noodle soup for meals during the upcoming cold weather months. I don't know if smoked chicken would come through very well in a soup, but I wanna try it. Any Brethren willing to share some of their own chicken noodle soup recipes with me?

Big Kahuna 08-29-2011 12:56 PM

Don't really have any go to recipe, but I do love smoked chicken in a Tortilla Soup recipe. Just adds that extra depth of flavour. :thumb:

ALLENY 08-29-2011 01:43 PM

I make a very good chicken soup on the stove but i have never tried it smoked. Here is the recipe ( perhaps you could smoke the chicken before making the soup with it?)
6 pounds of chicken (cut up and usually raw)
1 pound of cut up carrots ( 1" to 2" long)
1 package of celery (cut into 2" pieces)
2 pounds of parsnips ( peeled and cut into 1" to 2" pieces
1 whole onion (peeled)
2 tablespoons of salt ( can be more if you like salt)

put all the ingredients in a large pot and fill with water to cover the ingredients.
Cook on a medium heat and once boiling reduce to low.
Cook for 21/2 to 3 hours ( you can't really overcook it).

Your soup is ready, but it actually tastes better if you wait a day and let it sit in your refrigerator, then reheat it until nice and hot.

cholloway 08-29-2011 01:49 PM

I used to make soup after every Thanksgiving using the turkey carcass as the stock.
Never really used a recipe, just some of this and some of that. Never the same way twice. Sometimes pasta, sometimes rice, sometimes neither.
It always got eaten up tho.

ALLENY 08-30-2011 01:09 AM

Doesn't anybody else have a chicken soup recipe??? Come on guys !!!

jemezspring 08-30-2011 03:02 AM

Love me some chicken soup but dont have a go to recipe. Just Google chicken soup recipe and find something that sounds good to you. If you want that smoked flavor cook the meat and veggies(onion, carrots, bell peppers, celery, garlic, zucchini, ect, on the grill and incorporate to the recipe. Just did some last week and cant wait until more carrots, peppers and zucchini get done in the garden. Might add some tomatoes next time.

N8man 08-30-2011 04:06 AM

A Chicky soup I once made....

deepsouth 03-23-2013 01:37 PM

mine is pretty basic.... i just started a pot..... i probably never do the exact same thing and i never measure.... today's was......

in a large stock pot (this is the size i use. for comparison, that bottle is a 22 ounce bomber and the pot is 10 inches in diameter)

1 whole organic chicken (4.25 lbs)
4 chicken thighs (we like a meaty chicken soup)
2 large asian carrots (leftover)
6 small organic carrots
1 bundle of organic celery
3 small sweet onions
3 green onions
fresh italian parsley
3 tbs salt
fresh cracked mixed peppercorns
cavanders greek seasoning
black kettle original blend seasoning (this is garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, salt, and a couple other things)

bring to a boil and then simmer (covered) for 3 hours.

sometimes at this point i strain the broth into another pot and then de-bone the chicken and return it to the broth. sometimes i just use a hand held strainer to get the chicken out, de-bone and return to the broth with all the vegetables. today, i'll probably strain it out.

then i simmer it another hour or so.

Bluesman 03-23-2013 01:48 PM

Here's mine and smoked chicken really come through great. I make my own broth as well. Enjoy

Homemade Chicken Soup
By Bluesman

Nothing takes away the chill better than a hot bowl of fresh chicken soup. This recipe is completely self-induced and should be altered by you to enhance and or build upon.

2# Chicken thighs with drum sticks
Sea salt and cracked pepper to taste
3-4 Quarts of water
½ stalk of celery chopped about 2” pieces with leaves
1 medium to large onion quartered and leafed
8 carrot stalks cleaned and cut into 2” pieces
3-4 Bay leaves
1 Tsp. or so of garlic powder or a couple of cloves

Bake seasoned chicken at 350* for 1 hour
Fill stock pot with water and add chicken, whole, veggies and seasoning
Bring to a boil, cover and simmer for 4 hours.

5-6# whole cutup chicken
½ stalk of cleaned celery cut about ¼’ thick slices
8 carrot stalks cleaned and sliced in ¼” pieces
1 large onion chopped
Smoke chicken until finished no need to season much
Chop veggies and put in the frig for later
1# Amish Egg Noodles of the noodle of your choice

When the chicken is done, let it cool down. Then strip skin and remove meat from the bone. Tear into long thin strips were possible. Put stripped chicken into fridge. Take the bones and add to the stock. Throw the skin away.

Final Fun:
When the stock is starting to take on a nice rich golden color remove from heat and let cool. Then strain the stock through a fine strainer and discard all the veggies and chicken. Seems like a waste but trust me the flavor is all gone. Now add the fresh veggies to the stock and simmer until tender. Next add the Amish egg noodles and cook until tender. Last add the chicken and cook until hot.

Now get a bowl, some crusty bread sit down and enjoy the comfort you have created.

Note: the stock can be raised back to a boil in the last hour. Reduce by about one-third. This will be the richest stock you’ve ever tasted. Don’t be afraid to make way more stock than you need, even two pots. The reduced stock makes not only an out of this world broth but can be frozen. Yup, freeze it in some ice cube trays. Then the next time you want a wonderful reduction sauce for your steak dinner grab a few cubes of this goodness. Reduction sauce to be covered in another class.

code3rrt 03-23-2013 02:16 PM

I just tried that myself last week, although mine was chicken rice this time. My chicken rice soup is pretty much identical to my chicken noodle.

I simmered the chicken I had left over from a previous dinner for 2-3 hours to make the stock. This chicken had been cooked in my PBC with a little apple wood for smoke, and had been seasoned with Plowboys yardbird.

After straining out the chicken I throw in chopped carrots, onions, celery and some chopped parsley. I let all that simmer while I pick through the chicken. I let that simmer for about an hour, threw in the rice and the chicken, simmered for another 20-30 minutes til the rice was cooked. Adjusted the salt and pepper to taste, some times I'll add a little chicken base, just depends on how "chickeny" my broth comes out.

It turned out real good, had a mild background smoke flavor, not overbearing. And the Yardbird added a nice flavor profile as well.

The one thing I do differently with chicken noodle soup:
If I expect it all to be eaten that night, I cook the noodles right in the soup just before serving.
If I am making it to freeze and or hold for later, I cook the noodles seperately and add them to the soup after it has cooled considerably, as I don't like my noodles to turn to mush, just my preference.

This freezes well, and reheats great, and the noodles still have a nice firmness to them.

Bottom line is I liked the little bit of smokey flavor that I got, I don't think I would have liked it with a more powerful smoke tho.

Good luck, give it a try and report back with your results.


jmoney7269 03-23-2013 02:25 PM

Here is how we do ours, its simple and delicious!
Better than bouillion chicken 1 heaping tbs
2 packs of chicken breasts
One of those $9 blue Walmart trail ride bean pots
1 stalk of celery chopped
1 bunch flat leaf parsley (1/2 cup chopped)
A few carrots
1 Vidalia onyawn finely chopped)
2 packs of egg noodles (we like chunky soup)
1tbs Black pepper and cavenders Greek (the secret) to taste
If you don't have cavenders, use table salt
Throw the chicken breasts (6) in the pot with 1 whole bunch of celery and onion and black pepper, 1/2 pot of water. Simmer the water, chickens and celery for 1 hr or until chicken is shreddable. Remove chicken chop or shred or both
Add carrots, egg noodles, chicken, better than bouillion, Simmer 30 more min or until until noodles are soft. Season with cavenders till its salty enough. Nothing special but cheap and damn tasty
Water may need to be added once all ingredients are in the pot for sufficient broth.

HeSmellsLikeSmoke 03-23-2013 07:54 PM

I just boil down a whole chicken in a large can of chicken broth and enough water to keep it covered. I add a carrot, stalk of celery and small onion, thinly sliced up, for color. S&P to taste.

Once fully cooked and tender, I take it out to cool some then debone.

Here is where I differ and what sets this apart. I use handmade egg noodles called Spaetzle in German. I mix them in a bowl and cut them from the bowl edge with a case knife into the boiling broth. They just take a few minutes to cook. I put all the shredded chicken back to heat up to serve.

Ingredients for the spaetzle

1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup water
2 eggs
1 pinch freshly ground white pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt

Saiko 03-24-2013 03:01 AM

There are tons of recipes out there on the web, but I do want to add one thing, and it has already been mentioned. If you plan on freezing a big batch, I would not add any noodles to the batch you plan on freezing.
In my experience, the freezing process causes the noodles to break up and turn to mush when they are thawed and reheated.
Freeze everything but the noodles and then add them later when you thaw and reheat.

HeSmellsLikeSmoke 03-24-2013 05:27 AM


Originally Posted by HeSmellsLikeSmoke (Post 2419731)
Ingredients for the spaetzle

1 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 cup water
2 eggs
1 pinch freshly ground white pepper
1/2 teaspoon salt

This is too much water. You just need to add enough water to make the dough easily workable and easy to cut off the bowl rim.

Also, if you have time, you can strain out the noodles and sauté them in butter until they dry out some and start getting brown and slightly crispy before you put them back in the broth or save them for the leftover soup.

lastmajordude 03-24-2013 09:41 AM

Some Brethren did an oriental soup with leftover ribs.....I'll see if I can find the thread but it looked awesome....

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