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tmehlhorn 06-27-2011 04:08 AM

Cheap china box idea?
Was inspired by a post i seen earlier about the china box. Have seen these before, but has been awhile. Would love to get one but they are expensive. Plus they use a lot of fuel. I had an idea for and uber cheap one i could make at home, just want to think it through and need any ideas or thoughts from those more experienced than myself before starting.
My idea is as follows, i want a smaller version of a china box, could do maybe a turkey, briskett or couple chickens or some ribs. Was thinking about getting an aluminum trash can, could make a plate for the top or even simply turn lid upside down on top and work to make fit. If i did this i thought i could make a hanger to put on handle to put some wood in, if close enought to heat source at top maybe I could get some smoke to add to the food? Was wondering wether or not one of these cans could hold heat well enough to maintain the 300-350 degree temp the china boxes run at? Thought maybe insulating somehow around it? Not sure if this will even work. But think it is worth a shot. Hell if it doesnt work at least i have a new trash can!
Any ideas or constructive feedback is appreciated. If i do go through with this i will post and put up pics to let everyone know how it goes

Cajunator 06-27-2011 07:52 AM

The idea of using a galvanized garbade can sounds better than the actual followthrough. Many have thought about that and the idea of the galvanized metal always raises a red flag with some king of metalic poisoning. Use caution!

Sounds like what you really want is a Cajun Mocrowave. Below are a couple of links of some you can buy but, if you look closely, you can figure out how to build one yourself. Or you can just do more research and get more info on building one yourself.


The next one is the Cadillac of Cajun Microwaves.

tmehlhorn 06-27-2011 08:08 AM

Thanks Cajunator. Have not seen those exactly like that before. I have thought about the galavanized thing and would not want to use it. Not sure if i could find one without galvanized though.

Have a wood shop and am pretty handy, think i could do one just like those on the links. My only wonder is the first models on those links were just wood?, no metal lining. Just wondering about longevity with bare wood and the heat, and moisture from foods?

Appreciate the info, gives me a better idea. was thinking trash can initially cause I was thinking about that metal lining. This i would just need to make a method to add smoke in the box. Thanks

chrischandler71 06-27-2011 08:11 AM

When I read the title of this thread I had to laugh!!! :-P

Cajunator 06-27-2011 08:14 AM

Not speaking from experience but, I have heard these are fantastic cookers and maybe the unlined type add smoke to the foods somehow. I don't know. I'd suggest you do an extensive search on CMs to find out more info. Yes, a lined box would last longer and probably retain heat better as well but, I'm sure thicker sides accomplish the same thing. If I find any more info I'll forward to you. Good luck. Oh, and personally I'd rather call mine(if I had one) a CAJUN Microwave than a china thing. Lol...

Wyley 06-27-2011 09:40 AM

This works about the same way. Not real big but I think you can get a turkey in it. Keep an eye out on your local Craigslist. I see these turn up from time to time. I had one and sold it only because I prefer the taste of grilled or smoked meats more. I paid $50 on clearance for mine at Lowes a few years ago.

1FUNVET 06-27-2011 10:49 AM


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