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HBMTN 05-28-2020 02:32 PM

Online Ordering With Square POS
I am in the process of getting set up with a Square POS and would like to find an affordable online ordering app or system to integrate and allow customers to order online and have the order sent directly to the kitchen printer of the pos. Is anyone here using Square POS and possibly using another service that offers the online service for less than $50 per month?

ynotfehc 05-28-2020 05:28 PM

I just switched to using Square for online ordering. And the few orders I've gotten have been seamless. I got an email alert right away and I was able to email the customer that it was ready for pickup. I was using the online store with my Wix website, but customers kept having issues and I also had a couple orders that I never recieved an alert for. It's really easy to set up since its tied to your square pos. I just added pics, changed some headlines and added descriptions and modified modifiers to make it easy and clear to use for the customer.

HBMTN 05-28-2020 09:28 PM

ynotfehc I was hoping to get a system where a customer would go online and place the food order while we are vending and once they submitted the order it would automatically print at the kitchen printer to fulfill the order. Will it do this? I looked into getting Toast POS and it would do that plus as soon as you have the order ready you could tap the kitchen screen and it would send the customer a text that their order was ready at the pickup window. The Toast POS was expensive so I elected not to go with that but would like to at least get the order printed at kitchen printer instead of having to keep an eye out for emails while we are busy.

ynotfehc 05-30-2020 04:22 PM

Square will do that. I don't use a kitchen printer, but it show up in square and you get an email alert as well. Square apparently owns Weebly now and the online store is set up through weebly and integrates to your square. Just about any POS will probably offer online ordering. Who do you use now? I had talked to Toast about 5yrs ago, it didnt seem that expensive then. What are they quoting you now?

HBMTN 05-31-2020 08:53 PM

I use eHungry for online catering orders but I found out that they do integrate with Square. This is great news as all other companies I have found want to charge $60-$150 per month for the service. Toast was $1200 for the equipment and $190 per month for software with a 3-year agreement. I have $1300 in the Square set up and the only two things that I don't have that Toast was offering is a kitchen monitor (KDS) that when you tap to complete the order it automatically text the customer the order was ready, and the second thing was a customer loyalty program. Toast wanted $190 per month and I am paying $0 per month with Square. I can upgrade and get the customer loyalty for $30 per month and I can integrate a KDS for $60 later if I want.

HBMTN 06-04-2020 10:06 PM

Just an update on our POS system install, I wanted to give some info on here in case others look into getting a system. I've found that with homework I've saved myself a considerable amount of money and might help ou as well. We got the equipment in from Square and found some of it wouldn't work because we are mobile and running the system off of a wifi IPad. Square reps really don't know much about these systems or set up as they sent some wrong equipment. Because we are running on an IPad the kitchen printer needed to be Bluetooth so we had to get another printer and send the other back. All in all, we ended up with just under $1000 in the equipment. We set the food truck menu up with eHungry and there is no monthly fee, they get 1.8% of every transaction from an online order. This is much cheaper starting out than others who require lengthy service agreements and monthly fees. Our food truck is running one to two days a week so we can customize that easily and customers can go in several days prior to our food truck operating date and place orders for pick up at the time they would like. We've had it up and running for 36 hours and have only let our email subscription audience know about it (for the first week) and have generated $300 in pre-order sales for this Saturday in that short time. Additionally, the system integrates with Square POS and it's free. I can customize all ordering details, etc. and I have the system set up so that the order will automatically print on our kitchen monitor 10 minutes prior to the requested pick up time. The system will send them a text message 45 minutes prior to their pick up time reminding them that they placed the pre-order, this is customizable as well. Our test runs with ordering seem to be much nicer than running a cash register and we'll find ut this Saturday when we operate for the first time using the POS system. There are many other features and we are just getting started.

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