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JohnH12 02-26-2020 07:09 AM

I sure wish all those Jersey folks would quit moving to Florida. Pretty soon any visible BBQ/Smoking will be illegal!

KevinJ 02-26-2020 08:53 AM

I had an addition and covered patio built on the back of the house so that's where I cook now. Used to have a Weber Gasser that lived in the garage, gifted it to my sister in law because I no longer need a gasser, before I gave it away I rolled it out and cooked on the driveway.

These are my neighbors that live across the street, neighbor on the right has a gasser and propane smoker he keeps in his garage pulls them out front to cook, the neighbor on the left has a Weber Kettle he keeps in his garage pulls it out and cooks right beside his Mercedes M Class. :shocked:

Sorry no cars parked on cinder blocks in this neighborhood just well manicured yards.

Jrogers84 02-26-2020 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by Smoker34 (Post 4276023)
Iíve lived in all types of suburbs and Iím pretty sure that in any of them, if I put outdoor furniture, a hammock, smokers and bbq grills in my front yard or in front of the house at all, I would hear complaints from the neighbors. Sorry if I offended a few here, but it seems very unusual to do this, unless thereís a necessity, as some have described here.

"Detroit style" house have a large front porch that is raised but 4-6 steps. Its 100% common in the area to have furniture and a grill on those.

"Detroit Bungalows were typically built in the Craftsman architectural style. They are typically 1-1/2 stories, with sweeping low pitched gabled or hipped roofs that extend over a front porch that matches the width of the home."

FYI I dont think you offended anyone but im sure you managed to get a few people to form an opinion on yourself.

70monte 02-26-2020 09:53 AM

I live in the country so no real close neighbors but most of my grills stay under a sided carport that has a concrete floor that is at the side of the house so when I want to use one of them, I pull it out to the front of the carport which faces the road and people see me cook all of the time. I also have two grills on the back porch that I use when the weather is nice and I want to be closer to the kitchen.

When I did live in a subdivision, most everyone cooked in the backyard.

Mikhail 02-26-2020 09:59 AM

How about the side? I don't have a comfortable place for my Open Range on the deck so I keep it in the side entry garage and wheel it out to the driveway when I cook. Visible from the street but who cares? The PK and the gas grill live on the deck.

Bigbears BBQ 02-26-2020 10:07 AM

I cook in the back only because I have a deck there right off of the kitchen which makes life easy. I donít think that it matters where you cook from as long as it works for you. There is definitely no right or wrong it all depends on the layout of your house and property.

Bigpappa1 02-26-2020 10:32 AM

I see it all the time in my neighborhood here in Iowa. The biggest reason seems to be that people like to store their smoker or grill in the garage and then just wheel it out for use. Keep it in the garage and you don't have to worry about a cover or critters. Plus it can be kind of fun to "show off" a bit, and it's also a kind of community thing when you BBQ in the open like that. We get a lot of people walking by who we say hi to and all that. I suppose it depends on your neighborhood. Plus, for me anyway, I've got my TV in the garage and all my tools, etc. I don't have much for storage out back. Messes are easier to clean up, I can yak at my neighbors, etc.

long haired hippie 02-26-2020 10:49 AM

I've found it to be a regional thang...I was raised a southern boy, we hung out on the front porch. Where I live now, northerners tend to relax on the back porch. Don't know why.

sarth67 02-26-2020 10:59 AM

With waterfront houses The water side is the front. That being said I have my grill on the Drive side of the house and my smoker and blackstone on the Water side. I did keep my smoker under a lean to on the side of the house for a bit. Grease fire scared me so I moved it further away from the house .

gcs 02-26-2020 11:08 AM

"HERE" no one cooks in the front, and barely sits in the front, porch or no, even parties are in the back.
Of course "here" there is very little smoking tradition, so no smokers being stored in a garage. It's just the way it is.

Visited a cousin once in N Carolina, the neighbors were "smoking" their garbage in a burn barrel in the front yard, they were sitting downwind, IN the smoke on lawn chairs sipping adult beverages.
Seemed odd to me....:rolleyes:, lol

frayedend 02-26-2020 11:17 AM

I have a huge slope in my backyard. I keep my LSG in the garage and put it on my driveway when cooking. Once my yard is leveled it will have a permanent home in the back, but for now I cook for everyone to see. They are so jealous of my cooker and food. LOL

I also had an apartment with no easy access to the yard so I did the same thing. There are good reasons for cooking out front.

Maylar 02-26-2020 02:47 PM

I think it depends on logistics. Cookers need to be near the kitchen, or else you need a fridge, sink, and prep space close by. I have a wooden deck off the kitchen in my back yard, so that's where the grills and tables are.

My last house (apartment) had a really nice front porch and when I first moved in I had the grill out there. Fire marshal said move it, local ordinance says it needs to be 10 feet from the house. So moved everything to the back yard patio, which was down stairs from the main house and a real PITA to drag stuff out there.

But I'd have no problem cooking in the front yard if that was the most convenient for me.

PnkPanther 02-26-2020 02:56 PM

I use my side yard, but I use my side yard as my defacto back yard due to layout of house on my lot. I have a half acre, but no real back yard, 2 large side yards and a front yard.

Cookers are whereever I spend my time, backyard, side yard...winter when I cook they're in driveway because i Keep them in garage when not in use during winter and just easier to wheel in and out

I do want eventually move where kitchen has a door right to backyard that will be my patio/grill area

BowtieBill 02-26-2020 03:14 PM

Like others have said, depends what I am cooking on. If I am cooking on my trailered Klose pit, it is in the driveway. The Humphrey's smoker is kept in the garage, so I usually just pull it out onto the driveway as well.
Most of the other devices are used in the backyard. Though sometimes I will use a Weber Kettle in the driveway too.

Baychilla 02-26-2020 03:21 PM

I thought front yard grilling was the ideal way to cook up some sweet, sweet lawn flamingos.

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