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Brian in Maine 05-02-2009 07:37 AM

Refreezing pulled pork
I brought pulled pork into the office yesterday for lunch. You never know how many people will be there at any given time, so I try to have enough to offer a sandwich to others that were not invited. I have about 2 #s left over, and want to know if any of you have ever revacumed, and refrozen pulled pork. TIA

smoke-n-my-i's 05-02-2009 08:07 AM

Yes, did it for a lunch last Sunday. Cooked it the Saturday before, pulled it, bagged it, froze it, and the put it in the fridge on Thursday to warm up on Sunday. Not a problem. I only used the zip style bags for that short time, otherwise, it would be vacuum sealed. It will keep great if vacuum sealed if you can leave it alone that long....:biggrin:

sampson 05-02-2009 09:11 AM

Naw, my rule is to only freeze once. No scientific reasoning here just my gut... Besides two pounds sounds like just enough to whip up a batch of Kerri's beans. Which I can tell you are perfect for a Saturday night NASCAR race!

StrikeEagle 05-02-2009 11:52 AM

I have two responses to this.

First, the ServSafe version. You've taken the food in and out of 'the temperature danger zone' at least three times to this point. (prepping, cooking, reheating) I'm also willing to bet that this food has spent more than it's fair share of time sitting between 40' and 140', so your total time in the danger zone is more than likely also approaching what is considered safe food handling. General safe food handling practice dictates that you never re-freeze or re-refrigerate leftovers. By the book, once you re-heat food, you need to either eat it, or trash it.

Now for the second reply. I would not re-freeze the meat, but would find quick use for it over the next day or two. This use would be FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY at home. If I could not consume the meat by Monday, I personally would dump it.

It is FAR easier to cook up some fresh pork, than potentially to suffer the ravages of food poisoning. Or, worse yet, suffer the 'image' of giving food poisoning to someone else.

71-South 05-02-2009 11:53 AM

I've often wondered the same thing. My gut, too, tells me that freezing them once is enough. I'd like to hear if that's wrong, though.

smoke-n-my-i's 05-02-2009 11:56 AM

I missed the REfreeze in the first time through....

I don't refreeze either... sorry for the confusion there... from what I read, it is not a good idea to... just make a few sammies, or beans and enjoy....

Brian in Maine 05-02-2009 01:09 PM

So does simmering it in beans extend the life of the meat?

qman 05-02-2009 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by Brian in Maine (Post 915574)
So does simmering it in beans extend the life of the meat?

In a word, Yes.

About refreezing. I I was planning on using the leftover pulled pork for my personal[family] use, and was comfortable about how it had been handled so far, I would re-freeze in a heartbeat.
That is just me, though. YMMV:mrgreen:

Bacon 05-02-2009 06:08 PM

The only thing I refreeze is Ice.

Other than that no. Use it immediately or toss it.

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