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01-25-2011, 12:10 PM
Hi All,

Later in the year I am planning a Saturday BBQ for about 60 people.

My menu will consist of :

Pulled Pork
Mac 'n' Cheese
Salad Stuff
Bread Rolls

Equipment :

Brinkmann Professional Charcoal Grill
Pro Q Excel 20 Bullet Smoker
Deep Fat Fryer

Now, I do not want to be getting up at silly o' clock on the Saturday to start cooking as these things tend to end up with a hardcore (about 12 or so) of my Mates partying well into Sunday....

So, my question is can I cook as much of this as possible on the Friday (I have the Friday off work) and then just reheat on the Saturday?
Would this work....

PP on the Friday, cooled and then reheated in a covered pan with a little liquid in the Excel on the Saturday

Ribs on the Friday, cook using the 3-2-1 method but stopping after the -2- step, wrapping and cooling until the Saturday, then reheating for the -1- step also in the Excel - not sure about the tenderness of the ribs by doing this

Chicken on the Saturday, get this cooked on the grill with some smoke just before they all arrive and hold in the warming drawer of my oven until ready to serve

Brats on the Saturday, have these smoking away on the grill as the guests are arriving

Mac 'n' Cheese, Saturday - in my oven!

Fries, As and when on Saturday!

02-03-2011, 06:15 AM
Sounds like you have everything planned out. I don't see a problem with any of it, although I'm not too sure about the ribs without finishing on Friday and then just reheating on Saturday. Just a thought.

Thunder's Wife
02-03-2011, 06:54 AM
Have you thought about baked potatoes instead of fries? After washing the taters, put several in a large baggie WITHOUT poking them with a fork. The number you can fit in a baggie will depend on how big your baggie is, how large the taters are, etc. Microwave until there's a little give in them (don't overcook them as they will tend to finish cooking as they sit). It sounds like you will have plenty of time to figure out the cooking time before the event. I usually cook 3 in a baggie for about 5 minutes for the 2 of us (never know when you'll get a bad one). JSYK - as the potatoes cook, the baggie will pop open, but the potatoes won't. You can also do this early, wrap the taters in foil, and put them in a crockpot (or oven) on warm/low setting. After having said all this, you could probably just bake the whole batch in your oven at 350 for an hour - but be sure to poke them with a fork if done in the oven.. Just a suggestion & good luck!