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11-22-2004, 04:02 PM
After having competed in three events and judging one event this year I've got a couple of random observations:

1. The teams, for the most part, are serious about the competition but most don't take themselves too seriously! For example: one team on the FL circuit is "Two Hawg Nuts" - whenever they are announced at least one person will call out "Go Nads!"

2. Competition is fun, expensive, and about 6 a.m. you wish you were anywhere but at the cook site. If you only compete 1 or 2 times a year you won't feel this way - you rationalize that you're only there for the fun. You start dropping a couple grand over 3 or 4 months just to get into the dance your perspective changes. Winning is no longer "wouldn't it be great if...." but changes to "we better win something or mama is going to kill me!"

3. The thought of sponsorship is no longer that far fetched!

4. You start considering any rig under 35K as "inexpensive" :D

5. A fully loaded competition trailer looks better than a brand new sports car! Options include air conditioning, hot/cold running water, etc.

6. You can name the manufacturer of a rig or the manufacturer that inspired the rig across 6 lanes of interstate traffic.

7. The off-hand wise crack of "Are we having fun yet?" takes on a whole new meaning about 3 minutes before the first turn-in time.

I'm addicted. I'm looking for part-time work now to pay off the debts from this year and hoping to bankroll enough that Tim and I can start 2005 with a real comp rig that doesn't look like a gypsy road show. Yeah, I've gone freakin' pro - I don't even look at events that don't pay. I don't care who places in the amateur or backyard divisions (I applaud the effort but let's get on to paying the bills!)

Tim and I are hoping to lure a couple of sponsors into our camp for 2005 - and we're planning on 15-20 events. We'll be working hard to refine our craft to the point we win that place at the AR or the Jack. We may never get that - but I'll be a son of a gun if we aren't going to give it our best effort.

You'll never, ever, know what it's like to win at one of these things if you don't try. And, when you're there on your own dime it makes it that much sweeter! I loved winning 1st in Brisket at Asbury Park with Phil but my silly ass 5th place chicken and $100 was sweeter because it was "my" team - Tim and me - our money and our pride on the line.

Fun, yeah! Fun like in let's get drunk and not worry about it - not on your life. Fun at a BBQ competition has taken on a whole new meaning!!

I can't wait for the 2005 season to start!

11-22-2004, 04:50 PM
I feel your pain LOL, I'm looking at a trailer and 2 FE 100 or something like that for next season. Just bought the Dodge 2500 diesel, so the puller is in place.

11-22-2004, 04:53 PM
Fun! Ain't it? :D

Tim's got a line on a 7.5x14 trailer for us to use as an interim setup. He's thinking about a dually diesel for down the road, too.

I'm starting to consider a 3/4 or 1 ton van so I can load up some WSM's and other stuff for vending or competition and be able to drag the RV trailer, too.

It's a sickness - plain and simple! :D

12-03-2004, 09:54 PM
must be the season!!! Been trying to figure out a plan for next years comps---gonna try do one a month but money is gonna be tighter than normal next year :cry:
When ya think there is enuf bucks to do everything you know you are wrong! Between the new house, daughter in college and poor crops comp money is gonna be hard to find!
Enuf crying in the beer---pass the whiskey

12-03-2004, 11:38 PM
Awesome to hear from you Buzz. Jump to cattle call to re-introduce yourself if you can find the time. More importantly - can't wait to hear of your recent ventures.

12-04-2004, 06:03 AM
You guys are living the dream, it's what we all want no matter what the dream. Congratulations on your first season and best wishes on collecting some sponsors.