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01-09-2011, 05:11 PM
Sponsorship Question?

I am currently looking to find sponsors for my competition team and for upcoming BBQ events.

Question for the Sponsors.

Why do you sponsor the teams and the events you currently/have sponsored?
What do you get out of it?

Question for those seeking sponsorship.

What type of business are you targeting?
Are you targeting a “type” of business or just finding any that will give you the cash?
Do you barter? Food for $$$?
What secret do you have to find these sponsors?

rooftop bbq
01-09-2011, 11:44 PM
we were able to pick up a couple sponsors this year. I would recommend looking for start up companies looking to do some marketing. We also looked into companies that have an internet presence or multiple stores, for the main fact that we dont have too many local events and it doesnt help the sponsor if were out of town and no one knows who they are. We offered exposure at the comp, on our blog and on facebook in exchange for product or entry fee cash. Good luck

01-10-2011, 03:36 PM
We only have one sponsor for our team, Pipefitters Local 537 YAY! (shameless plug)
and even then it has been a tough coupla years as far as requesting anything.

As far as the event that I organize, and getting sponsors for THAT... our event benefits a local food pantry. So I go to local businesses with a well-thought out and professional "Sponsorship Packet" which focuses on the charitable aspect. Mostly I am looking for donations for our raffle baskets (charcoal, rubs, Tshirts, gift certificates, etc) In the case of HoneyDew Donuts, they donate coffee and donuts for the teams at 6am. My main sponsor (Dick's Gas Grill...heheh) has donated cookers every year, that we have raffled off. I have also received monetary donations from local banks and grocery stores, along with gift certificates from local restaurants.
The Sponsorship Packet shows what we have done (pics, media coverage) in the past, how (with details and $ numbers) we have helped the Food Pantry, and what sponsorship does for THEM (website advertising, onsite advertising, media, etc).

You need to figure out what you'd like from sponsors (either your team OR your events), and what youre willing to do for them. I know teams that get $, teams that get entry fees paid, others get meat, beer, product. Some teams have their sponsors spend an event with them... meals, drinks, fun... the whole "competition experience".

The possibilities are almost endless, you just need to show professionalism and passion for what you do, along with ROI... RETURN ON (their) INVESTMENT! If they are at all interested, they'll jump on board easier and quicker if you look like you know what you're doing.

hope it helps!

01-20-2011, 05:38 PM
I would love to see this packet or any other proposals/ request for sponsorships.

Hogtie N' Ride
01-20-2011, 06:23 PM
Many of the existing comps have a "Sponsorship" tab that lists thier packages and sponsors. Lots of good stuff out their.

It is all about cost benefit, what do I get back for what I give you.

1) As mentioned above and in the KCBS documentation, call out a single charitable cause.
2) Views / exposure. Are you expecting to draw 10,000 spectators? Make sure you have visibility for advertising banners and on merchandise.
3) The Local chamber is a good source, point out that judges and team families often stay at hotels, eat at local resturants, and visit local shops.
4) "Official" Hotel may get you a free room for KCBS reps and VIP's.
5) Kid's draw interest. Addition of Kid's Q may help.
6) Check with your state's Pork Association, they certianly get positive promotion from the event.
7) Get in the local news, make sure the potential sponsors know you exist before you get their to ask for money and make sure you let them know what they are getting back in the news. Many times if you write the article, they will publish it. Radio shows are looking for people to interview.
8) We drew some interest and stories by giving a free entry to the local 4-H club, the exposure was good for the club and for the event. That also helped get support from the Pork Association.

Just some ideas....