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11-25-2010, 11:42 AM
Happy TG to all.
I received (for free) a New Braunsfel tower type smoker. The problem, or opportunity, is that I know NOTHING about this style of cooking.
Frankly I know little about cooking because my wife is a great cook, but I can follow food assembly instructions as well as any other man with a $15k tool box :).


So the questions are...
1) Where do I put the fire?
2) How big a fire do I build? (assuming minion method)
3) What's with the smaller bowl that won't hang from the clips?
4) Where do I put the wet chips?

Basically I need to know how to set the thing up.


PS let me know if I should move the queries to another section.

11-25-2010, 12:10 PM
Welcome Miguel and happy Thanksgiving to you.
You will get a better response to your questions in the qtalk forum.

11-25-2010, 12:24 PM
Welcome from a fellow Coloradoan.


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Welcome aboard Miguel!

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Welcome to our crazy little club house!

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Welcome to the camp,

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Like Kevin said, you will get a lot of answers in QTALK.

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Welcome to the party!

11-28-2010, 10:23 PM

1) Where do I put the fire?
Well, from the looks of it, on top of a grate on top of that lower pan. I can only imagine that lower pan is to catch coals/ashes that fall through. You might be able to make a charcoal ring for it out of expanded steel that could go down inside that pan, but get some air underneath it so it can breathe.

2) How big a fire do I build? (assuming minion method)
In my WSM, I usually start with about 20 briquettes, or about 1/4 of a Weber chimney of lump. This thing looks wide open on the bottom, kind of like an ECB, the fire might get away from you without perhaps some mods. Do a search here for ECB to get an idea of what air problems you might run into.

3) What's with the smaller bowl that won't hang from the clips?
That is your heat sink. You can fill it with water, or sand (covered with foil), or some even leave it bare or just put in some foil balls and cover with foil. What it does is keep direct heat from being exposed to the food, and helps to maintain steady temps. In my WSM's I use the pan filled halfway with sand and then covered with foil (replace for each cook). It takes an hour or so for the sand to get up to temp, but it will help keep your cooker temps solid. Another benefit is that it not only keeps drippings from dripping down into the fire and flaring up, but the temp of the cooker is basically not much different than the temp of the pan, so any drippings collecting in the pan will not flare up or smolder.

4) Where do I put the wet chips?
I would go with chunks instead of chips, and keep them dry. Scatter 4 chunks (that should be plenty) randomly throughout the unlit charcoal.

Hope this helps!:thumb:

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Welcome to the addiction... Remember, there is no 12 step program for us!!!

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