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11-04-2010, 10:27 AM
Hey Gents!

My name is Greg, and I have been lurking for quite some time. Finally took the leap and decided to start participating. I am 40, married with 3 daughters and another babe on the way, an ex-Marine, and a Landscape Architect grad working as a waiter at a local wine bar/restaurant. I caught the barbecue bug from my father-in-law when we would be visiting in Colorado and he would be pulling all kinds of good stuff off of his old Traeger. Turns out, we had his old WSM in the garage for years (he had given it to my wife before we married), and I had just been moving it around without using it. A college pal moved away to grad school in Albuquerque a short while back and left his cheapie New Braunfels here at my house. So....I dove in and started cooking. It has been a great ride and I am addicted to this barbecue business. Found a Bar-B-Chef on Craigslist for a 100 bucks and bought it. Retired the NB to the side yard. Of course I would love a bigger, better rig, but will have to make slow progress in that direction. I have to say it has been great improving my skills and hearing people rave about my cooking. I go dove hunting in Arizona every year, and I started a new "dove hunt BBQ kick-off" tradition, bringing my cooker down with me. I take my ribs into work and everyone goes crazy. The owner wants me to set up a rig out front. Haha! Not sure about that one, but it is a nice thought. Well. sorry for the rambling, I just wanted to let you know who you were dealing with. Also, is there anyone else here from Vegas? It would be nice to get advice and hang with a real BBQ comrade once in a while. Everything I know is from the internet. Take care friends!


11-04-2010, 10:51 AM
Welcome. Enjoy contributing.
I'm a long ways from Vegas, but I'm sure you will find some local friends.
Have fun.

11-04-2010, 11:13 AM
Welcome to the camp,

11-04-2010, 12:55 PM
Welcome to the addiction... Remember, there is no 12 step program for us!!!

11-04-2010, 04:53 PM
Welcome aboard Greg!

Alan in Ga
11-04-2010, 05:34 PM
Welcome Greg from Ga.

11-04-2010, 06:07 PM
Welcome to our crazy little club house!

11-05-2010, 05:51 AM
Welcome aboard Greg, enjoy what you learn and share what you know, it's what we do here.

11-05-2010, 10:07 AM
Welcome Greg!

11-05-2010, 10:28 AM
Hey Greg
Welcome brother come in grab a beer and relax and shoot the breeze for a bit, it’s all good in the neighborhood
Used to live in AZ down south at and around Ft Huachuca up through Nogales my Scout Sniper Team would run border survailance for the border patrol good training for what our core mission profile was sorry I am not out in CO in VA near Quantico would not mind doing some dove hunting with you, going deer hunting soon but Turkeys are still in.....Shats! now I'm rambelling!

11-06-2010, 09:12 AM
Welcome from Colorado and thanks for sharing your story!

11-06-2010, 10:34 AM
Welcome, come on in, take your shoes off and sit a spell.

Cast Iron Chef
11-08-2010, 06:04 PM
Welcome. Good to see a local brethren. Lots of good people and great advise.

11-08-2010, 08:48 PM
Welcome to the Brethren fellow landscape architect graduate.