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10-14-2010, 02:07 PM
Working on a BBQ contest and am seeking advice! I have never hosted/organized a BBQ contest, but I have organized several fundraising events for other non-profit organizations so hopefully this past experience will help.

I am in the beginning stages and I would welcome your input/feedback.

Have only competed in one competition (this past summer) and I have the bug! I will be attending two BBQ classes in GA this Nov and have a desire to attend a few contests this next summer in Washington and/or Oregon.

Most of the competition teams and contests are in the Fairbanks area and I have a desire to promote the art of BBQ in the Anchorage area. My goal is to have/host/organize (2) quality events in the Anchorage area (one in June and the other at our State fair in September)

So far I have had an overwhelming positive response and several businesses have already committed in becoming a sponsor. Plan so far is that any profits will be going to support our State Championship Team and the Alaska BBQ Association.

Date of Event:

June 10th thru the 12th.

What’s Cooking?:

There will be 8 categories:

*Pork butt
* indicates the 4 categories that will be used to determine Grand and Reserve Champions.

Entry Cost:

$200 for all (8) categories or $30 per category.


Each category will pay-out to the top five teams. (Can be either cash or prizes.)

1st – $300 plus trophy and certificate (maybe $500)
2nd – $200 plus trophy and certificate (maybe $300)
3rd – $150 plus trophy and certificate
4th – $100 plus ribbon and certificate
5th – $75 plus ribbon and certificate
Grand Champion - $1000 (maybe $1500)
Reserve Champion - $750

Schedule of Events:

Friday -
Setup (4pm)
Cooking class TBD
Judging classes. (7pm)

Saturday -
Start of competition (8am)
ABA booth (8am to 9pm)
Food being served between 11am and 9pm)
Food will be supplied by ABA.
Cooking Class TBD
Judging classes (10am)
Sauce (6pm).
Steak (7pm)
Salmon (8pm)

Sunday -
Breakfast for everyone (cost $5 each)
Cooking Class TBD
ABA booth (9am to 5pm)
Food being served between 11am and 5pm)
Food will be supplied by ABA but cooked by each team.
Judging classes (10am)
Ribs (11am)
Chicken (11:45am)
Pork Butt (12:30pm)
Brisket (1:15pm)
Sample offered at each booth (donations)
Awards ceremony (3pm)
Breakdown. (1:30pm to 9pm)

Alaska BBQ Association Booth:

Need to find volunteers to run the ABA booth!
Sell memberships and talk about upcoming events.
Sell BBQ sauces, rubs and marinades
Sell Briskets and Pork Butt sandwiches. Saturday all food will be cooked by Bear Naked BBQ (me). And Sunday each BBQ team will be required to cook both a brisket and butt for the ABA booth. Meat will be supplied by the ABA.

Main Sponsor. Can have up to 5 main sponsors. Cost is $1000 each or find “the” sponsor for $5000. We will give 10 judging positions to these sponsors. 5 sponsor = (2) judging positions each, one main sponsor will get all 10 judging slots.

Individual category sponsors: We are looking for five sponsors per category. It can be either cash or items of some value. Sponsors for the 1st and 2nd prizes with will get (1) judging position.

Example. I will donate a Traeger Grill for one of the 1st place categories value on this will be over $500.

Cooking Classes and Judging Classes:

All Judging classes will be held at Non-Essentials.
Friday night (7pm)
Saturday starting at 10am.
Sunday at 10am.
Or they can be held the week before!

We will have 6 judges per category. This means we are going to need 48 judges. All judges must attend the judging class.

Here is a list of the reasons for having so many judges:

Having 48 judges will bring in people that would otherwise not attend. If they all bring a friend or two that would be another 100+ attending our event.
Nice to have something to barter with to get sponsors.
It will not over task the new judges.
Each judge should get a FREE membership to the ABA.
The main sponsors will get 10 guaranteed judging slots. 16 slots will go to the category sponsors, so this leaves 22 judging positions vacant.

I would like to raffle (4) of these with the proceeds going directly to support the State Champions. (18 left)
Use several more (10) to get VIP type people to judges. (8 left)
Use several (4) for radio ads. (4 left)
Give on to both the MATSU and Anchorage news papers and possible news crew. Maybe they would like to do feature event on the ABA. (all gone)
All Cooking classes will be held at Non-Essentials? TBD. I would be nice to offer a cooking class or two. We could hold one or two of them on Friday night and some more on Saturday.

Other info

Turn-in boxes. Doing away with the greens! Will provide the boxes and foil. The goal is to judge the food not the greens. It also will make it easier for those that are new to competition BBQ for both the competitors and judges.

Estimated Cost. $13,200…. Looking at $4,950 for the cash prizes on the categories, $1,750 for the grand/reserve prize money, need $2,000 for the trophy’s/ribbons/certificates, $500 to hold the judging classes, meat for the ABA booth $1,500, advertisement $2,500

Estimated Earnings. $17,700… Entry fees - $4,000, sales from the ABA booth - $5,000, sponsors - $8,700,

BBQ Wine Tasting? I think we could have a wine tasting on both Friday and Saturday nights. Another event where the monies raised will go towards the State Champion trip to the lower 48. I would have this at Turkey Reds.

Breakfast: Have a Sunday breakfast?

Question: So where is the best place to purchase the trophies for BBQ contest. I did a goggle search and found a few, but maybe you have a better source.



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10-15-2010, 03:33 PM
We just hosted our first Sanctioned KCBS event and our main focus was to take care of the teams and judges. We attempted to make every team comfortable and happy. Our welcom bags were full of high quality stuff and discounts for our property. We hosted a breakfast and had plenty of coffee. We provided ice (free of charge) and removed all garbage from their site throughout the comp. We even provided cleaning of their dirty pots and pans. This was a great touch.
By taking care of the teams we were succesful in getting some great word of mouth advertising.
Having competed myself I understood what the teams go thru and used that as a tool to make the comp successful.
The most important thing to remember is to Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Lake Dogs
10-15-2010, 07:01 PM
As to trophies, the best/coolest trophies are made by a local artisan. North GA is known
for marble, so some of the coolest are made of marble. I'm not certain what's local
to Anchorage, but I'm sure there are artists who would offer their services at a reduced

10-16-2010, 10:49 AM
Thanks for the input! Keep it coming.

We do have a lot of wonderful Alaskan artist and I agree one-of-a-kind type trophies. I didn’t want to hand out the China made ones. Might cost more, but it would be worth it.

I have removed the “sauce” category and replaced it with “Wild Game”. It just makes more since, since we are in Alaska.

Question? So does one require that all the dishes be cooked on a grill and made at the event? I am thinking that the wild game and dessert might bring in more competitors if they didn't have these requirements.

Didn't put much thought into the welcome bags, so I will add this to my list. I agree with treating the team and judges as VIPs.

Thanks again for your help