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10-13-2010, 09:50 PM
Hey folks, its time for the Cherokee PIGNIC in Canton. Oct 15/16. Dave will be vending at a couple of other events and I just found out that team member that was to lend his expertise cannot make it. I am in need of a second smoke man to help throughout the competition. Everything is bought and paid for, recipes are set, but as some of you know things just go easier when there is a hand to help throughout the night and during turn-in.

What I am looking for:
An energetic newbie or experienced smoke man to help build boxes, tend fires (Backwoods with Guru and Pro Q with homemade controller) and be runner for turn in. I usually get 6 hours of sleep at a minimum, so you should be able to get at least that much too. I will be heading down Thursday to set up and you can make it anytime on Friday. All meat will be trimmed and injected right after inspection, all you need to do is help fill in the gaps when 2 things need to be done at once.

I can offer you the comradeship of a Brother and a place to rest your head, providing you have your own cot, air mattress etc. Dinner and breakfast will be provided and of course you can share in the meat that does not get turned in.

Please respond with a PM and your contact number and the best time for me to call so we can set things up.

I know this is last minute folks but I am in need. I have competed alone before but it I always seem to be in a lot better shape after awards on Saturday when I can share the work load a bit.


Your brother in smoke,

Lake Dogs
10-14-2010, 08:14 AM
I hope you find someone! We're judging this weekend, then combining a few KCBS teams under our name (for the first time) and doing an MBN cookoff next weekend.