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Balls Casten
09-28-2010, 01:11 PM
The catering calculator calls for seven 117oz cans of beans for 200 people. In terms of volume, how many metal pans would that be?

09-28-2010, 01:49 PM
With my bean recipe, 1 of those cans plus the "goodies" fills a 1/2 size aluminum steam table pan right to the top. Seven cans may fit into 3 full sized pans since the full size holds a little more than double the 1/2 size pans. Certainly no more than four full sized pans would do the trick. Best of luck!

09-28-2010, 01:55 PM
200 people eating beans, I don't wanna be anywhere near that. :-P

09-28-2010, 02:45 PM
Approximatly 897 cu in / pan = 497oz. So around 2 pans?

09-28-2010, 04:35 PM
I've cooked a lot of beans and if you add much of anything to the Bush's then 1 can = 1 1/2 pan. I use 5 half pans for 2 cans, plus 1 of other beans and one of pie filling plus pulled pork, onions and bbq sauce.

09-28-2010, 08:39 PM
In my world, 70 servings of beans fit in 1 full size steam pan. 1 can (#10) of Bush's, 1/2 can of great northerns, 1/2 can black beans, 1/2 can red beans, 1/2 can apple pie filling, sauce, brisket / pork, dried minced onions, mollasses, rub.

The Drill Sargent
09-28-2010, 10:13 PM
We do 2 cans in each full size aluminim tray for every 50 ppl. plus rub, sauce, onions, brown sugar and some other TOP secret spices :cool:(j/k).

Balls Casten
09-29-2010, 10:48 AM
Clear as mud now but thanks for the input all.
I'm just worried about storing for a couple hr's until they go on the smoker.