View Full Version : First time vending: advice/input/tips helpful!

kyle corn
09-14-2010, 01:13 PM
Hey guys, my dad and I have an opportunity to go down to a friend's RV park out in the desert to cook up some BBQ. The park has a cafe so the guy is going to handle ordering all the meat and supplies, we just need to haul our pit down, prep everything, cook and serve.

We cook nearly every weekend and we're confident that we can produce a good product, but other than a few large parties, we've never done anything like this. I guess I'm just looking for any tips, advice or pointers on the subject. Although we planned on getting into doing catering and stuff on the side next year, this opportunity just fell into our lap but we only have a month to prepare. I plan on getting in and reading as much as I can in the catering forum, but if you guys don't mind sharing any wisdom to help a newbie out that would be great!

One specific question I have is what type of chicken to serve? I was thinking leg and thigh quarters since they're easy to handle and prep and fast to cook and it's a good size portion for everyone. However, my dad thinks that most people will want white meat. Should we just cook whole chickens and break them down into quarters and give people the option?

Again, I appreciate any input or advice you guys are willing to share. I know I'm a newb and I probably sound like I'm in over my head, but the only way to learn is to just jump in, right? Luckily it's still early enough in the season that it won't be too busy out there so we'll be able to learn from our mistakes without embarassing ourselves too badly.

Smiter Q
09-14-2010, 04:04 PM
Hey Kyle, seems like you have an exciting prospect coming up. Congrats and good for you.

Read this post, it will help, little different situation.. but still helpful. His focus has been thighs and quarters. They stay moist and are less troublesome to keep moist.