View Full Version : Congrats to Rich Parker and IBQ'n

09-13-2010, 12:33 AM
Nice job earning the Reserve Grand Championship at the Silver Lake Apple and BBQ Festival this weekend! :clap2:

Tried to find the complete results but was not able to at this time.

Bud's BBQ
09-13-2010, 06:41 AM
Way to go Rich, we're real proud for you!! :clap2:

09-13-2010, 07:32 AM
Here ya go... Nice work Rich... I don't mind third behind such a great guy :{)

And of course hats off to Troy "The Machine" of Extreme Roasters. Yet ANOTHER GC. Sheesh!

Contest Results: [View Printable]

Grand Champion: Extreme Roasters
Reserve Champion: B Q'n

1 Extreme Roasters
2 B Q'n
3 Captain N Smoke
4 cancersuckschicago.com
5 Rub Me Tender
6 Steel Smokin BBQ
7 Pork of the North
8 Pigs & Digs BBQ Team
9 Capt. Ron's Brew-N-Que
10 Hickory Grove BBQ Team
11 Hoosier Que Daddy
12 Megjam Smoke
13 Smokin Scotsmen
14 Burnt Food Dudes
15 Down Home BBQ
16 Winks BBQ
17 DNA Hog Farm
18 Great Lakes BBQ & Feed C
19 Motley Que Crew North
20 Giggly Pig BBQ Team
21 Rubbed, Smoked & Sauced
22 Spruce Ridge Smokers
23 Sweet Racks & Smokin But
24 Bavarian Smoke BBQ
25 Coyote Cafe Smoking Sect
26 Berall Street Smokers
27 Double D's BBQ
28 Roadmaster BBQ
29 Grilladellic
30 Scamp's BBQ
31 Up in Smoke & Chets too
32 Second Hand Smoke
33 Big Moe's BBQ
34 Fowl Butt BBQ
35 Aww Hell
36 Skinny Pete&The Egg Head
37 Metaltek Meatheads
38 Berkee Rae's BBQ
39 Fellowship Ministries
40 Roger the Pig Roaster
41 Full Metal BBQ
42 Mayberry BBQ
43 Red, White & Que
44 The Pork Barrell BBQ Tea
45 Mr.Ray's Holy Smoke BBQ
46 Shenandoah Smokers

1 Great Lakes BBQ & Feed C
2 Grilladellic
3 Burnt Food Dudes
4 DNA Hog Farm
5 B Q'n
6 cancersuckschicago.com
7 Berall Street Smokers
8 Fowl Butt BBQ
9 Steel Smokin BBQ
10 Double D's BBQ
11 Megjam Smoke
12 Giggly Pig BBQ Team
13 Skinny Pete&The Egg Head
14 Metaltek Meatheads
15 Extreme Roasters
16 Motley Que Crew North
17 Captain N Smoke
18 Second Hand Smoke
19 Roadmaster BBQ
20 Scamp's BBQ
21 Up in Smoke & Chets too
22 Rubbed, Smoked & Sauced
23 Hickory Grove BBQ Team
24 Smokin Scotsmen
25 Down Home BBQ
26 Mr.Ray's Holy Smoke BBQ
27 Rub Me Tender
28 Spruce Ridge Smokers
29 Full Metal BBQ
30 Sweet Racks & Smokin But
31 Coyote Cafe Smoking Sect
32 Capt. Ron's Brew-N-Que
33 Winks BBQ
34 Berkee Rae's BBQ
35 Big Moe's BBQ
36 Hoosier Que Daddy
37 Pork of the North
38 Roger the Pig Roaster
39 Aww Hell
40 Fellowship Ministries
41 Bavarian Smoke BBQ
42 Pigs & Digs BBQ Team
43 Shenandoah Smokers
44 Red, White & Que
45 Mayberry BBQ
46 The Pork Barrell BBQ Tea

1 Steel Smokin BBQ
2 Extreme Roasters
3 B Q'n
4 Pork of the North
5 Captain N Smoke
6 cancersuckschicago.com
7 Berall Street Smokers
8 Burnt Food Dudes
9 Second Hand Smoke
10 Pigs & Digs BBQ Team
11 Bavarian Smoke BBQ
12 Hoosier Que Daddy
13 Rub Me Tender
14 Scamp's BBQ
15 Hickory Grove BBQ Team
16 Mayberry BBQ
17 Coyote Cafe Smoking Sect
18 The Pork Barrell BBQ Tea
19 Smokin Scotsmen
20 Giggly Pig BBQ Team
21 Capt. Ron's Brew-N-Que
22 Roger the Pig Roaster
23 Spruce Ridge Smokers
24 Motley Que Crew North
25 Rubbed, Smoked & Sauced
26 Great Lakes BBQ & Feed C
27 DNA Hog Farm
28 Megjam Smoke
29 Sweet Racks & Smokin But
30 Winks BBQ
31 Grilladellic
32 Berkee Rae's BBQ
33 Aww Hell
34 Roadmaster BBQ
35 Double D's BBQ
36 Up in Smoke & Chets too
37 Fowl Butt BBQ
38 Skinny Pete&The Egg Head
39 Mr.Ray's Holy Smoke BBQ
40 Down Home BBQ
41 Metaltek Meatheads
42 Big Moe's BBQ
43 Fellowship Ministries
44 Shenandoah Smokers
45 Full Metal BBQ
46 Red, White & Que

1 Captain N Smoke
2 Aww Hell
3 Steel Smokin BBQ
4 Capt. Ron's Brew-N-Que
5 cancersuckschicago.com
6 Pork of the North
7 Rub Me Tender
8 Hoosier Que Daddy
9 Pigs & Digs BBQ Team
10 Red, White & Que
11 Fellowship Ministries
12 B Q'n
13 Down Home BBQ
14 Megjam Smoke
15 Extreme Roasters
16 Berkee Rae's BBQ
17 Spruce Ridge Smokers
18 Smokin Scotsmen
19 Sweet Racks & Smokin But
20 Hickory Grove BBQ Team
21 Big Moe's BBQ
22 Winks BBQ
23 Up in Smoke & Chets too
24 Berall Street Smokers
25 Second Hand Smoke
26 Roadmaster BBQ
27 Full Metal BBQ
28 DNA Hog Farm
29 Skinny Pete&The Egg Head
30 Double D's BBQ
31 Mayberry BBQ
32 Great Lakes BBQ & Feed C
33 Bavarian Smoke BBQ
34 Motley Que Crew North
35 Giggly Pig BBQ Team
36 Rubbed, Smoked & Sauced
37 Grilladellic
38 The Pork Barrell BBQ Tea
39 Fowl Butt BBQ
40 Roger the Pig Roaster
41 Shenandoah Smokers
42 Metaltek Meatheads
43 Mr.Ray's Holy Smoke BBQ
44 Scamp's BBQ
45 Coyote Cafe Smoking Sect
46 Burnt Food Dudes

1 Extreme Roasters
2 Pigs & Digs BBQ Team
3 Coyote Cafe Smoking Sect
4 Down Home BBQ
5 Rubbed, Smoked & Sauced
6 Rub Me Tender
7 Winks BBQ
8 Bavarian Smoke BBQ
9 Capt. Ron's Brew-N-Que
10 Captain N Smoke
11 B Q'n
12 Pork of the North
13 Motley Que Crew North
14 Burnt Food Dudes
15 Hoosier Que Daddy
16 Hickory Grove BBQ Team
17 Smokin Scotsmen
18 cancersuckschicago.com
19 Big Moe's BBQ
20 Giggly Pig BBQ Team
21 Metaltek Meatheads
22 Megjam Smoke
23 Double D's BBQ
24 Great Lakes BBQ & Feed C
25 DNA Hog Farm
26 Red, White & Que
27 Sweet Racks & Smokin But
28 Full Metal BBQ
29 Fowl Butt BBQ
30 Scamp's BBQ
31 Steel Smokin BBQ
32 Spruce Ridge Smokers
33 Roadmaster BBQ
34 Mayberry BBQ
35 Up in Smoke & Chets too
36 Grilladellic
37 The Pork Barrell BBQ Tea
38 Skinny Pete&The Egg Head
39 Fellowship Ministries
40 Roger the Pig Roaster
41 Aww Hell
42 Berkee Rae's BBQ
43 Berall Street Smokers
44 Second Hand Smoke
45 Mr.Ray's Holy Smoke BBQ
46 Shenandoah Smokers

The Giggler
09-13-2010, 09:13 AM
WTG Rich and IBQ'n on RGC! And another nice win, Troy.

09-13-2010, 09:38 AM
Feeling really good for Rich, the contest was great except for Saturdays weather but it could have been worse. Congratulations to everyone who got a call.


09-13-2010, 10:29 AM
Congrats to Troy and Rich!

I agree about the weather, Scott, but it was what it was. We all made the best of it.

Captian Dan
09-13-2010, 10:29 AM
Good job Rich. Your hard work has finally paid off for you!

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

Great event. Enjoyed myself big time!

09-13-2010, 10:34 AM
Congrats to Rich and everyone that got calls!!!

sure was nice getting my butt handed to me by a whole bunch of folks that attened the CSC cooking class last February. Looks like you guys took better notes than I did! :becky:

Must admit there was some strange scoring, but that is what comp cooking is all about. They gave me a higher score for my ribs and beat me up on my brisket a little. I guess it all works out in the end.

Great being by my neighbors MegJam and Smokin' Scotsmen. Maggie, Brie and Saphron kept the girls busy all weekend!!!

BTW great tribute shot at 9:11 this weekend. Very humbling.

See you all down the road.

Rich Parker
09-13-2010, 12:52 PM
Thanks everyone and congrats to all brethren that got calls!

I had a lot of good help at this contest from John(EatonhoggBBQ), his wife Kay, his sister Jan, his son John, his daughter Dana, and my wife. They were great and are welcome back anytime.

CBJ's are welcome to cook with me anytime. :-D

Scottie - I still have those notes, and they are saved in multiple locations and will be passed down to my daughter when she is of age to appreciate them. :becky:

Thanks to the Smokin Scotsmen for the tribute shot.

09-13-2010, 01:18 PM
Wish I had taken a picture of Rich and his tie downs for his Ez-Up when I got up on Saturday morning... Classic... :becky:

Rich Parker
09-13-2010, 06:46 PM
Wish I had taken a picture of Rich and his tie downs for his Ez-Up when I got up on Saturday morning... Classic... :becky:

That was called the redneck ez up alarm. :becky:

Seriously though I thought everybody strapped their ez up to their chair while they slept. :redface:

09-13-2010, 11:46 PM
Congrats as well Rich on the RGC and to all the brethren that got calls! Keep up the good work and hopefully we will see you in Nelsonville!