View Full Version : Party for 100, amount feedback

09-01-2010, 01:11 PM
I'm doing a birthday party for 100 the first week in October. The host has no problems having leftovers, so I'm figuring 2 meats( pulled pork and tri tip) 6oz each per person.65lbs. raw pork butt(50% yield) and 40lbs. tri tip(90% yield) 20 lbs rigatoni(uncooked weight) 5 gallons meat sauce.
Twenty lbs. mixed greens salad, 11 doz. HB buns, 10 lbs. coleslaw, and 8 doz. french bread dinner rolls. Food costs are going to be about 4.50 per person for a total 450.00 to 500.00. ???
Also we will be serving the meats at a buffet line for portion controll.
Any input on my amounts would be appreciated.:-D

C Rocke
09-01-2010, 01:18 PM
TriTip I figure at 80% yield. 8 - 10 lbs pasta uncooked is enough for 100. 2-3 gallons sauce. Salad amount is ok, don't forget dressing(s). For bread, do one or the other - Rolls or buns (Some people will ask for butter). Less cost, and helps the line move faster.