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08-31-2010, 11:05 PM
Our Legion post is going to host our first BBQ cook off. It will be held mid July 2011. With a fall out date of the Friday/ Saturday of Columbus day weekend in Oct. This event will be held the same day as our Tractor Truck Pulls we are waiting to see what dates we can get the sled for the pulls. As soon as thats set we will announce the dates. The first year is gonning to be a learning year for us but I do have 3 very experanced people helping so every thing should run smooth.

This will be a State Championship event, and will qaulify for Jack Daniels Cook Off. Jack Daniels is helping Sponsor it so hopefully we'll have some goodies for you! We also decided to do the KCBS the first year as well.

Being this is our first year we are going to limit the cook off to 18-20 teams. We were also gonna keep the entry fee low at 100 i bucks per team But due to the cost of holding a sanctioned KCBS event we are going to set entry fee at 175 with a pay out of $2000 along with a whole hog I'll personally donate for the Grand Champion.

Since it is July and its ussually a lil warm outside We are gonna crank the A/C for you guys if you'd like to sleep in it at night or just hang out. We will also allow you guys to use our indoor restrooms and provide power/water to as many as possible. As well as our Kitchen for clean-up.

Our Set up spaces will be atleast 20x20 but with only 18-20 teams we can do 25x20 pretty easy. We will also have 4-5 area's for larger campers

The truck pulls are during the day so you won't have to worry about being kept up all night and the only night we will have a beer tent is the night of the judging.

We have a decent kitchen you can clean up in and are more than happy to help you set up and clean up. We'll have some one avalable at the post the whole time your there. And every 4 or 5 teams will have a person asigned to them to help out.

The end of October we are going to Lynchburg TN to the Jack Cook off. They are gonna show us what to do and give us some insight on how they run things. I'm sure this will never be Lynchburg but every bit of experance will help.

Bottom line is this event is for you guys to tell us what would make a great event. The people who are helping me are cooks who have started very well known event them selves

Our Legion is very young and its really hard to get anything new going because of some of the older gentlemen in the post if we do anything our ducks better be in a row.

They agreed to let us have this and I want to make sure its one of the best! Let me know any input or intrest would be great!!!

A big thanks to Mr. Ford for pointing me in the right direction!

We can probably provide at least 15 people with power so the first to sign up get the power!! We also have a few great lockers that can provide fresh meat if you need it. Our Email is TripleStarPost299@Hotmail.com (TripleStarPost299@Hotmail.com)
Also we have a Facebook page listed under Triple Star Post 299. A web site should be out with-in the next month or two. As soon as the dates are set I will post them for every one. Any help or intrest would be great! THANKS and hope to meet some of you!

09-01-2010, 09:12 AM
Morgan12, this sounds great. I'm a judge from the area. I used to live in Virden for over 20 years, now Beardstown. You won't have any problems getting 18-20 teams depending on what weekend you do in July. There are at least 12-14 teams probably more within a 100 miles that compete regular on the KCBS circuit.
You can put me down to judge I should be available in July after the 4th. You also shouldn't have any problems getting all KCBS certified judges. There are a lot in central Illinois and the St. Louis area.
One bit of advice, going to the Jack is a lot of fun but if you want a real feel of a local KCBS contest there is one in Quincy Sep 10-11 or one a little closer for you is Arthur Oct 8-9 that a lot of fun and ran really well with some real good teams there.
If you have any questions I would be more than willing to help you guys. I need one more contest (quincy in Sept) and I will have my 30 contest judged and I have already cooked with a team so I'm going for my Master Judges certification. So I have a little experience for the judges side.

Good Luck