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08-16-2004, 11:43 AM
1.Team Agave
2. War Pigs
3. Wood Chicks BBQ
4. DeGroen's Porkitects
5. S & S Grilling
6. Smoking Pilot
7. FreeState Smokers
8. Andy Nelson's BBQ'
9. Jack McDavid's Down Home
10. Free Range BBQ

1. War Pigs
2. Pennsylvania Posse
3. Free Range BBQ
4. Smoking Pilot
5. Team Agave
6. Flying Porkers/ Hogg BBQ
7. The Backyard Burners
8. Hoff Daddy's
9. Dean Ayres
10. Pork Shank Redemption

1. Team Agave
2. FreeState Smokers
3. New Guys Comp BBQ
4. War Pigs
5. Pork Shank Redemption
6. Main Street BBQ
7. DeGroen's Porkitects
8 Orangedale Smokers
9. Jack McDavid's Down Home
10. S & S Grilling

1. Wood Chicks BBQ
2. Team Agave
3. FreeState BBQ
4. War Pigs
5. S & S Grilling
6. The Pork Fu BBQ Crew
7. Smoking Pilot
8. Orangedale Smokers
9. Flying Porkers/ Hogg BBQ
10. DeGroen's Porkitects

1. S & S Grilling
2. DeGroen's Porkitects
3. Dean Ayres
4. Wood Chicks BBQ
5. Andy Nelson's BBQ
6. Fran Fry Frying Pan
7. Team Agave
8. Orangedale Smokers
9. Jack McDavid's Down Home
10. New Guys Competition BBQ

Awards were given out through 8th place in each category

I had a great time cooking with Fat Tommy's BBQ team. Also, I look forward to heading on over to New Holland PA two weeks from now.

Is anyone planning on heading to New Holland PA? If so send me a PM so we can meet up and chew the fat.

Good Q'in on yas!

08-16-2004, 11:45 AM
Let's hear about the experience Big Belly. What's it like to compete?

08-16-2004, 12:27 PM
Well, this was my first competition. Needless to say, to my wifes dismay, I think the bug have struck me. I was riding along with the team to see what took exactly to compete in these type of contests. It started as as a trip strickly for researching the catering and consessioning aspect of BBQ.

Aside from not getting any sleep (shocker), not packing any warm cloths (lessons well learned), and not being prepared with a comfortable chair to nod off in, I had a great time. The folks are extremely helpful, friendly, and courteous. Being at these events is like being surrounded by family at a party--great time for all.