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08-23-2010, 09:47 PM
Pork Loin
Well I guess my cooking skills really do need some attention. Here are my scores from the BBQ Bash at Jekyll Island this past weekend....Very good appearance all 10's but downhill from there. Below are the breakouts:
Appearance Tenderness Taste Overall Impression
Judge 1 10 10 9 9.8
Judge 2 10 9 10 9.7
Judge 3 10 10 10 9.9
Judge 4 10 8 9 9.6
Judge 5 10 9 9 9.3
100 138 188 144.9 570.9

See attachment for picture of Loin box.
I would appreciate any assistance you can provide. This meat category is about to drive me crazy...If you have success in smoking a tender pork loin, I would welcome your advice.
Thanks a lot.

08-24-2010, 09:45 AM
Before anyone jumps in & wonders how you got 10's in appearance with those stains on the box, the organizer provided recyclable containers instead of standard styrofoam. The judges were instructed to ignore the box & judge only the appearance of the meat.

It's really hard to give a full evaluation because GBA scoring is comparative. Here is how I would break your scores down.

Judge 2 liked your entry. Three 10s & a 9.9 means your were his #2 choice on the table. Judges 1 & 3 scores look fair & put you in the middle of the boxes on the table.

I would say the 8 by judge 4 was out of place, but you also got two 9s in tenderness so maybe your meat was a bit tougher or drier than the others. Really can't judge that from a picture. The 10-9-9-9.3 from judge 5 would make me tend to think that was a fairly new judge. New judges tend to be more critical with the overall than more experience judges. That's just luck of the draw.

Taste is factored the highest of all categories. Your overall taste score was 188. That is where you really lost ground. It could be something in the flavor profile of the glaze. You are really not that far off. If that 8 had been a 9 & you had gotten one more 10 in taste, you would have been well up in top 10

08-24-2010, 10:39 AM
Hey Willy! We cooked in the same competition and finished 1 point below you on Pork Loin. I, personally, didn't cook pork loin, but here are the scores for our team, in Pork Loin:

Judge1 9 10 10 10
Judge2 10 9 9 9.9
Judge3 9 10 9 9.7
Judge4 9 9 10 9.6
Judge5 10 9 9 9.8
94 141 188 147 Overall - 570

Where were you guys setup?