View Full Version : DFW area caterers/vendors/etc questions...

08-20-2010, 04:06 PM
Hey guys just have some simple questions on how to get started in licensing/requirements/etc.

A friend and I have a possibility of serving Q at a local bar, and before we get in too deep, need to know how to get started going legit. Not looking for anything too specific, but rather a direction. I've called the HD and pretty much got the runaround and ended up being hung up on during one of many transfers. Checked the HD website for Dallas county and don't see anything on there about food handlers licenses or anything food related for that matter. If anyone would be willing to discuss things over the phone that would be greatly appreciated as well.


08-21-2010, 07:53 PM
It depends on where you want to operate. If Garland, check if Garland has a HD. If not, then check if Dallas County HD covers Garland. If not, then it's goes to the State Comptroller. I'm working with Tarrant County in Keller. But after I'm certified by the county, I'm not covered in Ft Worth. Ft Worth HD is way more strict. Trailer has to be commercial made to spec. But local HD over rules county or state. You will most likely need a food handlers and food managers certs.

Once you find who covers your area, contact them and request modile food kitchen requirements. You most likely will need a commissary kitchen as well.