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08-15-2010, 02:17 PM
Great Job guys. How was the contest. 1st year for this one.


Rochester, MN
Starts: 08/13/2010
Ends: 08/14/2010
Website: http://www.medcitybbq.com/ (http://www.medcitybbq.com/)

Prize Money: $10000.00

Contact Information:
James Bradley
201 4th St SE, Suite 160
Rochester, MN 55904
Phone: 507-328-2542
rochesterpal@rochestermn.gov (rochesterpal@rochestermn.gov)

Contest Results: [View Printable (http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/results_print.php?id=2285)]

Grand Champion: Bubba-Q's
Reserve Champion: Big T'z Q Cru

1 Bubba-Q's
2 Big T'z Q Cru
3 Tippycanoe BBQ Crew
4 C R Butts Smoke
5 Parrothead Smokers
6 Fire Fightin' Cookin' Cr
7 Spitfire
8 Big Bubba's Roadhouse BB
9 Iowa Outlaws BBQ
10 Shiggin & Grinnin
11 Swine Assassins
12 Smokin' Moose BBQ Team
13 Swedish Pig
14 The Heat is On
15 Two Little Pigs BBQ.com
16 Aesop's Table
17 Rebel Fire Que'n Company
18 We Be Smokin'
19 Smokin' Pelletheads
20 One Bourbon, One Scotch,
21 Prairie Oak Smokers
22 We Be Porkin
23 Lermon BBQ
24 Duke's BBQ
25 Demon Pig BBQ
26 Village Idiots
27 Myassis Smokin'
28 Subtle Smoke
29 Farmboy BBQ
30 Cook's Bay BBQ
31 Double D
32 Meatos Banditos
33 Drawn To Smoke
34 Wolfseeker Smoke-n-BBQ
35 K & S Smoked Meats
36 Bootleg BBQ
37 Hoochie 'Que
39 Grease Monkey Grilling
40 Bob's Smoke Stack
41 Baker Q Ribs
42 Buddies Barbeque
43 Birch Twig BBQ

1 Bubba-Q's
2 C R Butts Smoke
3 Iowa Outlaws BBQ
4 Big T'z Q Cru
5 Two Little Pigs BBQ.com
6 Parrothead Smokers
7 Spitfire
8 We Be Smokin'
9 One Bourbon, One Scotch,
10 Shiggin & Grinnin
11 We Be Porkin
12 Smokin' Pelletheads
13 Big Bubba's Roadhouse BB
14 Tippycanoe BBQ Crew
15 Smokin' Moose BBQ Team
16 Swine Assassins
17 Fire Fightin' Cookin' Cr
18 Duke's BBQ
19 Swedish Pig
20 Drawn To Smoke
21 The Heat is On
22 Myassis Smokin'
23 Aesop's Table
24 Subtle Smoke
25 Rebel Fire Que'n Company
26 Prairie Oak Smokers
27 Lermon BBQ
28 Village Idiots
29 Double D
30 Bootleg BBQ
31 Meatos Banditos
32 Demon Pig BBQ
33 Wolfseeker Smoke-n-BBQ
34 Bob's Smoke Stack
35 Cook's Bay BBQ
36 Hoochie 'Que
37 Grease Monkey Grilling
38 Buddies Barbeque
39 Baker Q Ribs
41 Farmboy BBQ
42 K & S Smoked Meats
43 Birch Twig BBQ

1 Rebel Fire Que'n Company
2 Parrothead Smokers
3 Tippycanoe BBQ Crew
4 Swine Assassins
5 The Heat is On
6 Smokin' Moose BBQ Team
7 Bubba-Q's
8 Swedish Pig
9 Lermon BBQ
10 Big Bubba's Roadhouse BB
11 Prairie Oak Smokers
12 Fire Fightin' Cookin' Cr
13 Farmboy BBQ
14 We Be Smokin'
15 Aesop's Table
16 Big T'z Q Cru
17 Iowa Outlaws BBQ
18 Spitfire
19 Demon Pig BBQ
20 Hoochie 'Que
21 One Bourbon, One Scotch,
22 Cook's Bay BBQ
23 Subtle Smoke
24 Smokin' Pelletheads
25 Duke's BBQ
26 Shiggin & Grinnin
27 C R Butts Smoke
28 K & S Smoked Meats
29 We Be Porkin
30 Myassis Smokin'
31 Meatos Banditos
32 Drawn To Smoke
33 Birch Twig BBQ
34 Village Idiots
35 Wolfseeker Smoke-n-BBQ
37 Two Little Pigs BBQ.com
38 Grease Monkey Grilling
39 Bob's Smoke Stack
40 Bootleg BBQ
41 Double D
42 Baker Q Ribs
43 Buddies Barbeque

1 Bubba-Q's
2 Big T'z Q Cru
3 We Be Smokin'
4 Fire Fightin' Cookin' Cr
5 Smokin' Moose BBQ Team
6 Parrothead Smokers
7 Double D
8 Shiggin & Grinnin
9 Aesop's Table
10 Big Bubba's Roadhouse BB
11 C R Butts Smoke
12 Smokin' Pelletheads
13 Rebel Fire Que'n Company
14 Iowa Outlaws BBQ
15 Baker Q Ribs
16 We Be Porkin
17 Swedish Pig
18 Prairie Oak Smokers
19 Duke's BBQ
20 Tippycanoe BBQ Crew
21 Spitfire
22 Swine Assassins
23 Farmboy BBQ
24 Village Idiots
25 Subtle Smoke
26 The Heat is On
27 One Bourbon, One Scotch,
28 Two Little Pigs BBQ.com
29 Myassis Smokin'
30 Hoochie 'Que
31 Buddies Barbeque
32 Cook's Bay BBQ
33 Demon Pig BBQ
34 Meatos Banditos
36 Lermon BBQ
37 Bob's Smoke Stack
38 K & S Smoked Meats
39 Birch Twig BBQ
40 Grease Monkey Grilling
41 Wolfseeker Smoke-n-BBQ
42 Drawn To Smoke
43 Bootleg BBQ

1 Tippycanoe BBQ Crew
2 C R Butts Smoke
3 Big T'z Q Cru
4 Spitfire
5 Two Little Pigs BBQ.com
6 Bubba-Q's
7 Shiggin & Grinnin
8 Demon Pig BBQ
9 Fire Fightin' Cookin' Cr
10 The Heat is On
11 Big Bubba's Roadhouse BB
12 Swine Assassins
13 Lermon BBQ
14 Swedish Pig
15 Iowa Outlaws BBQ
16 K & S Smoked Meats
17 Cook's Bay BBQ
18 Village Idiots
19 Meatos Banditos
20 Farmboy BBQ
21 One Bourbon, One Scotch,
22 Aesop's Table
23 Bootleg BBQ
24 Myassis Smokin'
25 Double D
26 Smokin' Pelletheads
27 Smokin' Moose BBQ Team
28 Wolfseeker Smoke-n-BBQ
29 Prairie Oak Smokers
30 Parrothead Smokers
31 Subtle Smoke
32 Duke's BBQ
33 We Be Porkin
34 Drawn To Smoke
36 Rebel Fire Que'n Company
37 Grease Monkey Grilling
38 We Be Smokin'
39 Bob's Smoke Stack
40 Buddies Barbeque
41 Baker Q Ribs
42 Hoochie 'Que
43 Birch Twig BBQ

Smokin' Joe
08-15-2010, 02:29 PM
Other than the Pork judges 4, 5, and 6 it was a very nice contest:doh::-D Only kidding on the judging (that was a special message to Rookie48:-P).

In all seriousness, they did a great job of putting on this contest their first year. The weather was terrible on Friday and many of the smart folks (read not me) spent the afternoon in a storm shelter. They had to cancel all of the public events Friday and I'm sure they took a financial beating for that, however, they brushed it off and were dedicated to making it a good event for the cooks.

They had lots of volunteers, were on the spot with ice, the MnBBQ Society had a nice supper, they had a nice breakfast, picked up garbage, had security (I guess it was run my a police orgnaization so they had a leg up here), and overall I would say they really want to do it right and grow the event for the future.

I heard a couple of complaints about power (lots of 15 amp power) and we didn't have access to water where we were. The awards ceremony was too long...I am amazed at how hard it must be to get this right, at half the comps they read the names so fast you can't hear them all and at the other half they read a name every 5 minutes.:crazy:

We will go back and had a great time...congrats to my fellow Iowan's Bubba Q's and Big Tz...more proof that Iowa BBQ rules the world:becky:

08-15-2010, 07:21 PM
We will go back and had a great time...congrats to my fellow Iowan's Bubba Q's and Big Tz...more proof that Iowa BBQ rules the world:becky:

Tell me about it! sucks to be in the shadow of you guys. :wink:
Nice job Joe!

08-15-2010, 07:43 PM
Tell me about it! sucks to be in the shadow of you guys. :wink:
Nice job Joe!

Ray, You Rock. They are just lucky we were'nt there. Wish I could have been there. I Live 1.5 miles from the Comp Site. We were building a Electical Sub-Station for a Wind farm out by Worthington MN.


Great Job again guys!!!!!!!!!!!

08-15-2010, 09:57 PM
Big thanks should go out to Randy Appelgren with the Minnesota BBQ Society. Did a great job taking over the duty of organizing and contacting all the judges and table captains. Well run for a first year contest.

08-16-2010, 01:34 PM
I thought this was a great first year contest as well! It made me realize I have a lot of work to do in the next three weeks to get ready for my first year contest!

Randy Applegren is the man!

Other than the tornado and losing three of my four racks of ribs between the cooker and turn-in prep table, it was an awesome weekend! lol.