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08-13-2010, 12:04 AM
I need some help. I am competing in my very first competition this upcoming weekend. I am smoking a brisket, a butt, and a fatty. My question is this, how do you prepare a box? From what I have seen, you putt some lettuce in the bottom of the box and then put the entry on top. Is there a special way to arrange it? How much do you put in the box? How do you present pulled pork (the butt)?

Any an all suggestions are appreciated.


Lake Dogs
08-13-2010, 07:18 AM
iowacows, good morning. First off you need to see if the competition allows garnish
in the box, and if so, what type of garnish. Then, if they allow garnish, think of it
as a back-drop to your meat; a frame if you will. Use as dark green a garnish as you
can, crisp, clean, and keep it from covering the meat. As far as arrangement, there
are hundreds of different styles. Take a look at one of the forums "Worst Box Ever".
You'll see good presentation of bad meat, bad presentation of good meat, etc.
For pulled pork, I suggest filling the box; more is better. Have some bark, but dont
overwhelm it with bark. If you have a money muscle (or two), slice it into slices
about as thick as a pencil (perhaps just a shade thicker), and make sure you have
at least 6 pieces. Brisket, at least 6 pieces, sliced about a pencil width thick,
against the grain. I think most judges prefer brisket unsauced (however needs to
still be juicy) and only a little bit of sauce on the pulled pork.

08-13-2010, 03:35 PM
If it's a KCBS comp/rules then you can use parsley or green leaf, we like curly parsley and get 10-12 bunches for 4 boxes. I personally like to break up the parsley leafs and spread across the bottom and then make little bouquets of parsley about the size of a silver dollar and fill in the entire box (see pic) I would recommend seeing if there will be another Brethren team at the comp and go by friday when you get there and ask them how the do it. Also here is another option for Paul with The Pickled Pig


Hope this helps.

Good luck at your comp!